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Due to timing of the new job I actually had to default on Yuletide (i.e. not because of procrastination, for a wonder XD;) which was disappointing as I loved my assignment and it would have been a nice opportunity to significantly expand my writing horizons. Since it was pretty much out of my hands, though, I felt fairly sanguine about everything until I read my gift fic, which was wonderful. [ profile] pun wrote for A Suitable Boy Any Given Dream, the Firoz post-novel coda of my heart, and I was overcome with default guilt and had to go write a Madness ficlet in the last few hours before the collection closed. ._.

Thus the following, which is extremely silly. [ profile] mimsicality gave me the original prompt following a viewing of the RM Christmas message videos and I pretty much did everything but sign my name to it -- the comments of "ALVARO" were a good indicator I was following customary patterns. XD So I'm guessing the recipient/everyone else had that figured out, but just in case, a belated Happy Boxing Day, [ profile] yeats. :)

Artistic Differences
for [ profile] yeats
implied Ronaldo/Kaka, ~900 words.

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Hello, Yuletide writer! Thank you so much for offering to write one of these fandoms - I can promise you I'm already thrilled at the prospect of receiving fic for any of these. I say this for every exchange, but the most important thing is that you write something you enjoy or are inspired by, so please feel free to disregard all prompts if you have a Really Great Idea.

A few random things I tend to like, without ANY kind of expectation you include any of them: a strong sense of place, conflict between personal happiness and the greater good, unspoken feelings, small gestures that speak loudly. In general I like endings shading from bittersweet to outright happy, though I enjoy angst preceding that point plenty. As for fandoms specifically, I don't think there's much to elaborate on, but I'll add a couple lines just in case. Thank you again, so much!

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I'm back in DC, I have Internet, I'm horribly behind on emails and comments and the flist and just about everything. Rather than catching up on any of these things, I'm reposting my Yuletide fic, because I'm obsessive about having everything on livejournal.

A bit about the request: I was 80% sure I wouldn't get football slash when I signed up, because the other two fandoms I offered had significantly higher request-to-offer ratios - as a matter of fact, I put it down mostly to round out my form. On top of that, it never even crossed my mind that I might get a request for the characters I did - but I in no way mean that as a complaint because refamiliarizing myself with the Uruguayan NT was a BALL. (Many thanks to [ profile] emerwena for multiple linkspam emails, incidentally. :D) I mean, when "research" involves watching Diego Forlán's YouTube videos of his teammates singing on the plane and having barbecues and playing ping-pong, it's not exactly a hardship. I love writing gen ensemble hijinks, and - deadline issues aside, as always - in the end I couldn't have asked for a better request for dipping my toes into the Yuletide waters for the first time.

Anyway, here's the fic.


2,486 words, Uruguayan NT, gen. Also available at AO3.
For riseupwithfists, Yuletide 2010.

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Just in case you drift over here curious as to why I haven't been able to comment on your undoubtedly fabulous story yet, I won't have regular internet access until after New Year's, so while I'm sure I will find a way to read my story before then, it probably won't be until a couple days after stories go live. I'll drop a comment as soon as I possibly can! ♥
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Röyksopp - What Else Is There (Thin White Duke Remix)
Spitz - Koi wa yuugure

Thanks to the identical chord progression, I'm unable to listen to the first without hearing the second. If I were the kind of person who taught myself to make mashups - but I'm not.

Will try and post annual seasonal music share soon.


In case I'm not the last person on lj to hear about the upcoming adaptation of John le Carré's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (which I read about five times in junior high, just saying), see the cast. So... that'll be the next big kink meme, I take it. With even less characters of color than Inception!

This is old meme to everyone in Sherlock fandom. I know. Next time tell me these things early and I won't be forced to repeat them to you.


This post is really my way of saying no, I have not started my Yuletide fic, and yes, I have instead written 5500+ words of self-indulgent AU in the last week. More, actually, because every night I have also significantly rewritten at least one major chunk of the story thus far. Which is not how I usually operate. As I was saying to [ profile] winterspel, gee, it would be great if some day I could actually repeat my process from one story to the next... Starting to reach the uncertainty threshold, at which point I will probably have to post an excerpt under lock, because this is shaping up to be way too long - and too dependent on plot - to deal with in a vacuum.
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Hello, dear Yuletider! Can I just say, thank you, you're wonderful. I'm already so grateful. Please don't be scared by, um, all the text because you are of course free to discard every single thing on this page. And if you're not interested in football, most of it doesn't matter, anyway! *g* As far as I'm concerned, if you're excited to write something, I'll be excited to read it, so go with what you feel most inspired by. :)

My general preferences are basically I don't like relationship angst-for-angst's-sake and I'm not terribly into kink. I prefer endings shading from optimistic to downright happy. I do like plotty fic but please don't feel it's a requirement. Aaaand that's about it. Thank you, again and again!

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Shamelessly swiped from [ profile] meretricula. Comment by tomorrow morning and you'll give me something to do on the plane! (edit: obviously, later comments are okay, too. that was just a shameless ploy to keep me busy.)

I think it would be fun to talk about stories, but the usual memes are like, "What happens next?" "Tell me about Character A?" Which isn't so much talking about stories as it is writing more of a story. But you know how sometimes you read something and you're like, "I got ___ out of this story, I wonder if I have that right?" or "What on earth was ____ supposed to be?" and it's too awkward to ask the author? Now you could totally ask!

I've heard people say that writing is hard because you have to make decisions, but we never really talk about the decisions we make with stories or why we make them. We talk about plot bunnies, but not about how we actually turn them into a story.

So, if you wanted, ask me questions!

What were you trying to do [here]? Why did you decide to ____? This is what I thought about xyz, is that what you were going for? What made you write ____? Why did you decide to do this? And so on.


Also, can someone familiar with Yuletide answer a couple questions about sign-ups/matching? I am confused and looking through [ profile] yuletide unfortunately hasn't helped. DDD:

Now I will finish packing and go to sleep. Er, soon.

edit: fic snippets in comments!


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