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-- mostly football related. Don't worry, I'll get around to setting up a filter soon enough. XD;

+ [ profile] cornerflag fic finished in time, though after all those blasé pronouncements about how relaxed I was I did need that 24-hour extension after all. ^^; more )

+ New club bonding, version one. Aww. ♥ (Plus the international week - as I said to [ profile] meretricula, the significance of the Argentina match as far as I'm concerned is that Silva's exile from the starting lineup is over.)

+ New club bonding, version two. I repeat: aww. (What's that you say? Saturday? That was a training exercise to acclimate Zlatan to the team, right?)

+ The weekend's La Liga results. Incidentally, the last couple weeks have made it clear both that Benz is Mou's latest project for the One Mourinho Muppet World and that it seems to be off to a promising start. Also happy to see O_Ozil acquitting himself quite well. :D

+ And here's Sid Lowe on Barcelona - Hércules (SO MANY PUNS, SO LITTLE TIME) from a neutral perspective, heartwarming feel-good angle and all. I like heartwarming feel-good angles, all right.
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My Very Deep thoughts:

As you were.

(edit: this does not mean I find it particularly likely to happen. but. if it did.)


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