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Title: Up Against the Ropes
Author: [ profile] acchikocchi
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating: Hard R?
Warnings: Smut, language, glaring plot (?) device, heavy-handed style, etc.
A/N: So about a month and a half ago [ profile] darkeyedwolf said something about Yamapi restrained to a chair. She has since made out like a bandit with this comment from people who are faster writers than me, but I was so, ah, taken with the idea that this is now the first fic I have actually finished in about six years. Thanks, JE. Also, [ profile] feather_down has listened to me complain about this fic just about every day for the past couple weeks and then pointed and laughed, which is her special form of encouragement. And then she gave me a good idea for part of the ending, so. Thanks. :D

Yamapi slumped in the chair as much as he could, given the ropes, and considered pouting. It wasn't his usual thing, but it did work for Jin. Of course, even the tongue thing worked for Jin, depending on the situation and there was no way he was ever doing that - and he was getting sidetracked again.

This sucked.

The day had started so harmlessly. All he had scheduled was an advertising shoot for a trendy clothing brand, which inevitably meant easy work (that was to say, looking good). If all went well, he'd be finished by early afternoon, and he already had plans to meet up with Jin afterwards. Walking through the studio doors, he had even spotted a long table laid out with refreshments for the crew. As he was about to grab a bite, the director of the shoot appeared out of nowhere and clamped an iron hand on his arm. "Just a quick word," she said, smiling, as she dragged him over to a secluded corner. "It’s about today’s work."

Yamapi looked at her in skepticism. Was this supposed to be a pep talk or something? He’d done this kind of thing hundreds of times before - literally.

"We're under a lot of pressure for this shoot," she began, pacing back and forth. "The marketing division of this company doesn't feel we’ve been successfully communicating their standards to the public."

"Uh-huh," Yamapi said absently, no longer paying attention. So some unfortunate underling was worried they might get fired - so what else was new?

"Therefore, the message we need this campaign to send to the customer is that absolutely no matter what situation they’re in, they will look good."


"Which is why the setting I’ve chosen for this advertisement is a hostage situation."

"Uh-h – what?"

The director smiled, showing her teeth, and Yamapi recognized with horror the gleam of mania in her eyes. "Don’t worry," she said, "you’ll even get to sit down."

It wasn't so much the principle of the thing he objected to – if Kamenashi looked good with a chair he ought to look even better – but he had started to feel vaguely uneasy when they brought out the ropes. He shook it off, however, like the professional he was, and arranged himself on the chair.

"Artistically," the director insisted, eyes still gleaming, and so Yamapi stripped to a (designer) black tank top, slouched just a fraction, parted his lips and gave the camera his most smouldering look. His arms were crossed behind the back of the chair and tied at the wrist, his legs spread apart and bound to the legs of the chair. It was definitely Art.

"Tilt your head just a little more – that’s right - now look straight at the camera. Perfect."

He smouldered. The cameras flashed. Clearly, he had been silly to worry.

After several minutes of shooting, the photographers took a brief break to confer with the director. Yamapi thought this would be the perfect opportunity to stretch a little and possibly have someone touch up his hair – he thought the angle of his bangs was just a little off.

He tugged gently at the ropes binding his wrists, then harder, when they wouldn’t give. He frowned.

"Hey, um, excuse me – " I think these are a little tight, he was about to say.

That was when the fire alarm went off.

The room erupted in a frenzy of crashing and shouting and shrieking. Photographers rushed to rescue their equipment, wardrobe rushed to rescue their racks of clothing, menial staff rushed to rescue their own skins. In all the rushing, no one thought to rescue the internationally famous idol.

"Hello? Hello? I'm kind of stuck here! Hey – hey you – come on, just get these – no wait, get back here – HELLO!"

The director, who appeared to be rescuing several of the complimentary bottles of champagne, paused and gave him a wide, artificial smile. "I'm sure it's just a false alarm, Yamashita-kun," she yelled over the shrill screech of the alarm, "so just – sit tight - and someone will be back to get you soon. All right? Great." She fluttered her manicured fingertips at him, scooped up the last two bottles, and hurried from the room, loot cradled to her chest.

"I’M TOO GOOD-LOOKING TO DIE!" Yamapi shrieked at the top of his lungs.

He did not believe this. He did not believe this.

Then the emergency sprinklers went off.

"Hello~o," Yamapi sang, "hello, hello, hello, CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?"

Half an hour, one hoarse throat, and a lot of undignified thrashing later, any sign of a returning staff member had yet to be seen. On the plus side, neither had Yamapi been engulfed in flames to perish in a tragic, painful and ultimately disfiguring fiery death.

Instead, he was soaking wet and tied to a chair.

Yamapi wasn't dumb, unlike some of his close friends and fellow idols who would remain unnamed. Surely there was no way an entire ad crew could be composed of individuals so cold-hearted they would callously leave a fellow human being to die screaming – and incidentally, risk Johnny’s wrath and resulting merciless retribution.

Something was definitely fishy here. After a moment of deep thought, he came up with a couple different possibilities.

Possibility 1:

He hadn't been profitable enough for the jimusho lately and this was an elaborate (if unsuccessful) plot of Johnny's to bump him off for good, while masking it as tragic accident that would wring every last penny from shocked and heartbroken females nationwide.

He could see it now. "Yamashita Tomohisa Tribute Album", featuring a bittersweet solo version of "Seishun Amigo" by Kamenashi, number one on the Oricon charts for weeks. Sold-out "Yamashita Tomohisa Memorial Concert", ending with a slow, sorrowful arrangement of "Daite Yamashita" sung by a chorus of sobbing yet adorable Juniors as the weeping fangirls waved their glowsticks in time. Countless magazine interviews for Jin and Ryo and the rest of NewS about their memories of him and how they were coping with their grief. "It's hard," he could imagine Jin saying, "but I'm trying to keep looking ahead and go forward day by day, one step at a time. Of course, everyone else in KAT-TUN has been there for me, and that's really helped me, especially... Kamenashi..."

Yamapi abruptly realized that he was grinding his teeth together. He shook his head violently from side to side. No way, he totally was still popular.

Possibility 2:

It was a set-up for a hidden camera show and he was being filmed right this minute.

Yamapi immediately jumped up – or tried to, but the ropes made it hard to do anything than wriggle fruitlessly in place making shrill noises of frustration. Realizing he was just providing more fodder for the invisible cameras, he quickly reassumed his casual slouch and schooled his expression to one of ultimate detachment.

After a minute of looking cool and aloof, he risked a look around the room from under his bangs. If there were hidden cameras, he couldn’t see them anywhere.

That would be why they call them "hidden", he agreed with himself.

Yamapi scowled. Oh no, he was not going down that road. Talking with oneself could only lead to trouble, no matter how bored he was. What else could he do to occupy the time? He could - he could sing. He could try to recite the name and vital stats of every Junior. He could find patterns in the ceiling tiles. He could -

- he could focus and try to figure out why he was here and how to make it stop.

He glanced at the clock on the wall. 45 minutes and no surprise TV crew. He would assume, then, that there was some other reason for his captivity, and if he was wrong, well, he would suck it up and take it like a man. And possibly see if Johnny could have a little talk with the show's network.

Possibility 3:

He actually was being held hostage.

Someone wanted something from Johnny and had decided that the easiest way to get it was to use the hottest solo act of the moment (because he totally was, in more ways than one) as a bargaining chip. A yakuza group wanting a cut of the action, or hey, maybe even an international gang – Johnny's was famous throughout Asia, after all. That would actually be pretty cool, as long as they didn't scar him or anything.

(He dismissed the idea that the kidnappers would go for the most lucrative target - KAT-TUN - instead. He'd like to see someone try to round up all six members and take them anywhere against their will – management could barely get them together for dance practice. And then keep them trapped together in a small, enclosed space for an extended period of time? The kidnappers would have to pay to have Johnny take them away.)

Or maybe – maybe it was one of their rival idol agencies, jealous of the jimusho’s iron grip on the Japanese entertainment scene. That one group, what was their name – "breezes", or something weird like that. They seemed like they came from a pretty sketchy outfit.

Yamapi thought this was definitely the most likely idea so far. He mentally put it aside for further consideration and moved down the list.

Possibility 4:

This was someone's sick idea of a practical joke. Someone like –

The door banged open and Jin poked his head in. His eyes lit up as he spotted the refreshment table and Yamapi could hear a quiet, gleeful "I win!" before Jin bounded into the room. Then Jin saw him.

Jin stared at him.

He stared at Jin.

Then he was aware of a red haze clouding his vision.

The next few moments were a blur of what he thought was lunging forward to wrap his hands around Jin's throat and was really rocking back and forth in the chair, causing it to take a couple hops forward, yelling imprecations at the top of his lungs. Jin just stood there looking at him blankly - obviously gloating on the inside, the bastard.

Eventually Yamapi ran out of breath and slumped down, chest heaving with exertion. Jin took the opportunity to approach him cautiously, hands held out in front of him in a gesture of appeasement. He stopped a few paces from Yamapi.

"...Why are you tied to the chair?" Jin asked, like he didn’t know.

Yamapi bared his teeth and snarled.

"And then no one came back and - shut up!"

Jin was in no condition to answer, as he was curled up in a ball on the floor crying with laughter.

Yamapi took a deep breath. Then another one. Then he counted to 100 in multiples of seven. Finally he said with difficulty, "So in other words, this wasn't your idea."

Jin just weakly waved a hand in negation. He was still laughing too hard to talk. Yamapi closed his eyes and thought very hard about why they were friends.

Eventually Jin rolled upright, wiping at his eyes. "S – sorry," he said. "I wouldn’t want you to you think I would actually do something like tie - tie – something like this." His lips quivered suspiciously, but mercifully he managed to keep himself together.

"Well, at least you're here," Yamapi said with a sigh. "Now that you're done, maybe you could cut these damned things off?" He jiggled his wrists expectantly.

Jin just looked at him. Yamapi felt his heart sink.

"Don't worry," Jin said seriously, "I’ll stay here and support you until someone comes back. I would – I would never abandon a friend."

"Are you serious."

"C'mon, it won't be that bad. We can – catch up – " Jin gave up and dissolved into laughter again.

"God, I hate you," Yamapi said with feeling.

Jin was roaming aimlessly around the spacious room, picking up objects at random and examining them thoughtfully. Every so often he glanced over at Yamapi; every time Yamapi made sure to glare back with all the lethal intensity he could muster. Unfortunately, it seemed to have the opposite effect from what Yamapi was hoping for: every time Jin had to clap a hand over his mouth and turn back around quickly so that Yamapi was left glowering at Jin’s shaking shoulders and viciously plotting revenge.

Eventually Jin got tired of examining company catalogues and scattered photographic paraphernalia and wandered back over to Yamapi's chair, sitting down on the floor and leaning back on his hands. He looked up at Yamapi expectantly.

Yamapi was not going to talk to him, no matter how bored he was. He absolutely wasn't.

"So," Jin prompted. "We're going to catch up. What kind of trouble have you been in lately?"

Yamapi looked pointedly past him.

Jin shrugged. "Have it your way." He laid back on the floor and crossed his hands under his head. After a moment, he started humming to himself.

Yamapi recognized the tune before the end of the first bar. Cursing Jin in his thoughts, he ground his teeth and told himself not to give in.

Jin started singing under breath. "Nasakenai ze, tasukete kure..."

"All right, all right," Yamapi said resentfully. "What do you want to know?"

Despite claims to the contrary, Jin was smart enough to only let the tiniest hint of a victorious smile linger at the corners of his mouth.

An hour later, Jin's jacket and shoes were lying in a heap on the floor and Jin was back on his feet, examining himself in a full length mirror at the other end of the room. He stared at his reflection in intense concentration, carefully arranging his bangs on what appeared to be a strand by strand basis. Yamapi watched him morosely from across the room.

"You've heard about everything I've done for the past two weeks. I've heard about everything you and everyone else in your stupid group have done for the past month. Can we go now?"

"Nope," said Jin absentmindedly, flicking a couple errant strands of hair to the side.

Yamapi sighed. "Why are you even here, anyway?"

"We were supposed to hang out after you were done with work, remember?" Jin's voice took on a tinge of mock-hurt. "Don't tell me you forgot about me?"

It totally would have served Jin right if he had forgotten. "I said I'd call you when I was done with work and then we'd meet up," Yamapi said grudgingly.

Jin shrugged without taking his eyes off the miror. "I just thought I'd come over and hang out here until you were done, and then we could go somewhere. I didn't have anything else to do." - the last said slightly defensively.

"Oh." Yamapi blinked. "Um, thanks." He paused. "We could go do something now if you would just – "


Yamapi sighed.

His wrists were starting to ache.

Jin was now stretched out on the floor in front of the chair, apparently trying to take a nap. Yamapi's teeth hurt from the unfairness of it all. He had an incredibly hectic schedule as an idol too, thank you very much, but when he got a free afternoon, he was spending it tied to a damn chair.

Well, if he couldn't sleep, Jin couldn't either.

"Jin," Yamapi tried. "Ji~in."

No response.

Jin didn’t want to talk? Fine. Two could play at that game.

Yamapi took a deep breath and began at the top of his lungs. "SAKI NO KOTO, DORE HODO NI – "

Jin bolted upright, waving his hands frantically. "I'm awake, I’m awake!"

Yamapi looked down his nose at Jin. "If I can't sleep, then neither can you. You said you’d stay and support me, right?"

Jin made a face, but got to his feet and wandered past Yamapi, out of his field of vision. Then Yamapi felt a warmth at his back and realized Jin was leaning on the back of his chair.

Jin took a long lock of hair between his thumb and forefinger and drew it up above Yamapi’s head, where he waved the ends around playfully. "Why don't you dye your hair lighter again?" he asked idly.

Yamapi shrugged – or rather, twitched his shoulders. "I don't know, I kind of like black." He smirked. "I hear it looks good on me. Unlike some people."

Jin yanked the strand of hair he was holding. Yamapi swore.

"Seriously. You should."

"Whatever, Jin."

"I like blonds," Jin insisted. "I say so all the time. In my interviews."

Yamapi didn't even know where to begin with that one. Manfully, he ignored the question of why exactly Jin expected him to be reading his interviews to point out, "What you tell me is that you like beautiful blonde women, idiot. There's a difference."

Jin pretended to think about it. "Well, I guess one out of three’s not too bad."

Yamapi was still for a minute before resuming his futile thrashing in an effort to free a hand, an elbow, anything, and smack Jin right in his cackling face. He so was gorgeous.

Jin shielded his head with his arms and dodged away in mock fear, once again flopping down to lie the ground in front of the chair and ignoring Yamapi's baleful glare. He held up an arm to check his watch, made a face, and let it fall back across his eyes. "How long is this going to take?" he asked.

"Ha! You want to leave too! I knew it!"

Jin said nothing.

"Come oooon," said Yamapi, aware his voice had climbed to a whine. "My clothes are still damp, my wrists hurt, and I'm bored. You're bored. Why are we still here?"

"Because," Jin said stubbornly. "I want to know why."

Yamapi rolled his eyes. "Look, I'll give you a reason, and then we can go, okay? Let’s see..." He ran through the earlier possibilities and discarded them in favor of something Jin was more likely to find plausible. "Okay. The director of the shoot arranged everything and she’s going to come back and force me to be some kind of S&M sex slave." Yamapi thought for a minute. "She's also going to have it videotaped and make a killing on the pornography market and probably retire and move to Hawaii. Obviously this will ruin my career, so we have to leave right away."

Jin suddenly sat up very straight.

"Are you happy now? Can we go?"

Jin stood up.

Yamapi could actually see the idea dawning on Jin’s face. Jin smiled, slowly and beatifically.

"Oh no, Jin, no way. No fucking way," Yamapi said in horror.

Jin only grinned.

"Go - go home and practice guitar or something. Or you could just – go in the next room. That would be good, too. Just – no!" Yamapi was aware he was babbling, but there was not a lot he could do to fix that as Jin approached him slowly, like a cat on the prowl. A panther, he thought hysterically. Oh god, he was losing it.

"Oh, come on," Jin purred, "don’t you want to kill time until someone comes to let you go?"

"You could let me go!" Yamapi said, but Jin was already pulling his long-sleeved shirt over his head. Yamapi fixed his eyes on a point on the wall just beyond Jin's shoulder and tried to think about ice cold showers. Which only made him think of Jin soaking wet with his jeans plastered to his body and droplets of water running down his bare chest and the line of his stomach to - that was so not what he needed to be thinking right now. He bit back a groan.

Jin noticed anyways and grinned. "Come on, how long do you really think you can resist this?"

"You are so full of it."

"Only 'cause it’s true."

Yamapi glared. That was the most galling part about it all.

Jin was now standing right in front of the chair so that Yamapi was forced to move his head to look up at him. Despite his best efforts at control, he felt his breath hitch. His pulse was pounding in his ears.

Jin put a hand on either side of the chair back, behind Yamapi's shoulders, and leaned in until Yamapi thought he could feel the heat from his body. The space between them seemed thick enough to touch. Jin parted his lips and suddenly Yamapi couldn’t seem to take his eyes away from Jin's mouth.

Jin absentmindedly licked his lips.

All the blood in Yamapi's upper body rushed straight to his cock and despite himself an incoherent noise escaped from his throat before he could suppress it. Jin's mouth curved in a grin of triumph.

"Not too long, huh?"

"This is so not fair," Yamapi ground out, before Jin leaned in the rest of the way and kissed him.

Nice, Yamapi thought hazily as Jin licked his way into Yamapi's mouth, humming low in his throat. He was vaguely aware that he was tugging at the ropes around his wrist in an effort to free a hand and pull Jin closer, but mostly he was aware of the slick movement of their tongues sliding against each other and the heat of Jin's wet mouth.

Unconsciously, he leaned forward, trying to take control of the kiss. Jin leaned away, biting at Yamapi's lower lip, tracing it with his tongue, but staying just out of reach before coming back with interest. Yamapi could feel traces of the huge smug grin that would almost certainly be gracing Jin's features were his mouth not otherwise occupied. Just the thought of it made Yamapi make a noise of frustration into Jin's mouth.

Jin pulled back. "What was that? Oh, I see - " he nodded to himself " - not enough of me, right?"

"You asshole," was all Yamapi got out before Jin straddled his lap.

A violent shudder ran through him at the sudden rough friction; he was distantly aware he was gasping something unintelligible before Jin swallowed it in another kiss.

Jin eventually broke away, breating hard, only to trail wet, open-mouthed kisses down Yamapi's neck. Yamapi let his head fall back to give Jin easier access; Jin fastened his mouth to the juncture of Yamapi's neck and shoulder in a sucking kiss, hard enough to leave a mark. His hands roamed up and down Yamapi’s sides, sliding under the still-wet tanktop and settling on his hips.

Yamapi could hear the harsh sound of his own breathing, fast and shallow, echoing in his ears. "Jin," he heard himself say hoarsely. "Jin – ah - "

Jin abandoned Yamapi's collarbone to smirk at him and say "Oh, having fun after all?" before sliding a hand up into his hair and pulling him forward to crush their mouths together again. Jin was moving now, unconsciously rocking his hips against Yamapi's in time to the kiss, and Yamapi heard himself make a sound dangerously close to a moan into Jin's mouth, then another one.

They broke apart for air. Jin's hands were moving again, sliding up Yamapi's chest with fingers splayed, kneading from his shoulders down to his biceps, skimming back down his sides. Yamapi clenched his hands into fists and jerked them sharply in opposite directions; the ropes around his wrists yanked him to a painful stop and he growled in frustration.

"For God’s sake, Jin, just let me – "

"I think you’re talking too much," Jin informed him, and ground his hips down. Whatever Yamapi had been about to say was lost in a ragged gasp.

"Fuck, Jin – "

This time when Jin kissed him, nothing was accidental; he was grinding down against Yamapi in a deliberate and agonizingly slow rhythm as their mouths caught at each other more and more roughly. Yamapi felt his hips lifting to press against Jin's as best as he could manage, but Jin was slowly breaking his own rhythm, moving faster and faster as he dropped his forehead to Yamapi's shoulder, grinding harder and harder -

With one last hard kiss, Jin pulled away and stood up, dragging the back of one hand across his swollen lips.

Yamapi stared in total incomprehension, groin aching. He opened his mouth once, twice, licked his lips. Jin was still standing there, wearing the closest approximation to an infuriating grin he could manage while panting through bright red, kiss-swollen lips.

"Oh no. Oh no, don't even think – get back here, you bastard," Yamapi said, ruining the effect as his voice cracked on the last word.

"You sure?" Jin asked huskily. "Wouldn't want to – bother you or anything – "

"If you do not get back here right now I swear to God I will kill you with my bare hands when I’m out of here," Yamapi said sincerely.

Jin’s grin turned wicked. "Yeah, and that'll be when? Just think," - his voice dropped - "I could leave you here like this, all by yourself, no one to help you – "

Yamapi bit down on an expletive as he felt his cock throb. "Jesus Christ, Jin!"

"But don't worry," Jin whispered, moving closer again. "I'm a good friend, remember? I'll take good care of you." He knelt down in front of the chair.

Yamapi thought maybe he could actually feel his brainwaves short out as another hard shudder ran through his body. He was going to die. He was going to die and it would be all Jin's fault.

Jin leaned on the edge of the chair, in between Yamapi's legs, and brushed his fingers along Yamapi's denim-clad inner thigh, just skirting the hard bulge, up to thumb at the button of his jeans. Yamapi made an unintelligible noise as his hips jerked forward involuntarily towards Jin's hand. Jin's grin was back again as he looked up at Yamapi. "I don’t know, what do you think?"

"What do I – you fucking tease."

Jin slid his free hand up along the top of Yamapi's thigh to join the first, undid the buttons, slid down the zipper. Yamapi's relief at the sudden lessening of pressure was only momentary, however, before Jin curled a hand around the base of his cock and he bit back another gasp.

"Is this what you meant?" Jin asked innocently, not moving an inch. Yamapi, unable to control his ragged breathing enough to answer, gave him a murderous glare. "No?" He removed his hand.

Yamapi hissed. "Jin!"

"Maybe – " Jin's dark eyes glinted " - you were thinking of something else?" Holding Yamapi's gaze, he slowly and deliberately ran a thumb across his bottom lip.

Yamapi thought maybe he was going to pass out. Was Jin actually suggesting – "Don't - don’t say things like that if you're not going to follow through," he said, with difficulty.

"I said I'd take care of you, didn't I?" Jin said. He grinned again. "But only if you ask nicely."

Indignation broke through the haze of desire and Yamapi bolted upright. "Whatever! Like you need me to feed your ego any further." He purposely did not look down.

"Are you suuuure?" he heard Jin ask. He felt a hand tracing patterns on his thigh, feather light.

"Yes," Yamapi said, between clenched teeth. Don’t look don’t look don’t look.

"Positive?" The teasing voice was closer now. With an internal sigh of resignation, Yamapi looked. Jin was leaning forward again, elbows propped in between Yamapi's legs. His mouth was red and wet and half open and maddeningly close -

Yamapi felt his will crumbling. "Jin – "

"You have to ask," Jin said, sing-song.

"All right, all right, please, Jin, sometime before I fucking die – ohgod." He abandoned speech with a gasp as Jin's damp lips closed around him. His head jerked back, striking the back of the chair with a sharp, throbbing pain, but he barely noticed. Helplessly, he bucked his hips. He was burning up, his breath was coming faster and faster - he was vaguely aware of a guttural moan tearing from his throat – he felt Jin smile around his cock and with that he arched against the hard edge of the chair and came.

Yamapi was still slumped in the chair, head tilted back and eyes closed, when Jin picked himself up from the floor and stretched his arms above his head. "Want to go get something to eat?" he asked matter-of-factly.

Yamapi slowly opened his eyes to look at Jin suspiciously. "Aren’t you forgetting something?"

"Huh?" Jin looked at him blankly.

Yamapi jerked one of his bound legs meaningfully, causing the chair to scrape across the floor. "I thought you wanted to – "

"Oh, that," Jin interrupted him. "There are probably scissors or a sharp edge or something around here somewhere, right?" Jin got to his feet, pulling his shirt back on, and padded over to a corner to root through one of the equipment cases, but not before Yamapi saw a betraying grin lurking at the corners of his mouth. "Wait just a second, okay?"

Yamapi was going to kill him.

Across town at the Sapuri set, Kamenashi Kazuya idly thumbed through his text messages and paused when a certain name caught his eye. The barest hint of a smug smile crossed his face. That would teach Yamashita to talk about how he used to hate Kame on national television.

A few weeks later, Yamapi saw the finished ad on a giant billboard in Shibuya. Right under his bare feet, above the company logo, huge white English letters read, "ANYTIME, ANYWHERE".

Just then, his cell went off.

He flipped it open to see 'Akanishi calling' glowing on the display screen. After a split second of hesitation, he accepted the call. "Yeah?"

"Really?" Jin's voice said gleefully. "Anytime?"

"How do you even know what that means?"

"'Cause I was just thinking, if that's true, I've got the day off again and I don't really feel like going anywhere, so I'm just hanging out at my apartment - "

Yamapi hesitated.

Then – "I’ll be over in a few minutes."

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