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notes on Diana Wynne Jones and the writing of this story )

This isn't meant to say that the story I ended up writing is anything like a story DWJ would have written. In fact, it's not at all: the fic is a romance in both senses of the word, and it certainly doesn't aspire to a quarter of the complexity that was DWJ's hallmark, in novels and short stories alike. It's only meant to say that if only for this one single short story, I owe her as much as a writer as I do as a reader, and I know it. The influence may not be particularly obvious from the outside, but I'll always know it's there, and I'm very grateful for it.

Proper post on some underrated DWJ favorites coming later. In the meantime, here's the story.

Raúl González/Fernando Morientes, implied Fernando Morientes/David Villa.
10,787 words

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(So where does one go about posting football fic, anyway? I know there's [ profile] footballslash, but it's not exactly slash. Mostly.)

The sincerest of thanks to [ profile] ettezag and [ profile] meretricula for suggestions and encouragement. :)

Dry Season
David Silva, gen. (Implied David Villa/David Silva.)
5,675 words

summer move forward and leave your heat anchored in dust )
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The Sky Above, The World Beneath

11,902 words

Originally for [ profile] je_ficgames. The deepest of thanks to [ profile] winterspel for all her patience and help, always.

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Title: Can't Go Home Again
Pairing: Jin/various.
Wordcount: 2907
Notes: Remix of [ profile] tokyostory's Pinky and Perky for [ profile] jentfic_remix.

Can't Go Home Again )
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Title: The Lines We Travel
Pairing: Jin/Kame
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 2546
Notes: for the 24 Hour Valentine's Day Challenge. :) eta: to all the akame fans on my flist, who are kind enough to keep me around even though i talk about pin a lot. ♥

a timeline )
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I didn't mention it directly but I'm on vacation now (glee!) and so will be around only intermittently for the next few days. :D In the meantime, [ profile] winterspel was the first to get her Christmas fic and so here it is.

Title: Winterlong
Rating: PG
Length: 1794 words
Notes: I was listening to Oda Kazumasa's version of Bokura no machi de over and over (which I love even though I'm not overly fond of the KAT-TUN version) and so when I sat down to write something for [ profile] winterspel, this just - came out. I - I don't think I've written het since junior high. Anyways, this is just a small, extremely sappy coda to the series - I don't know how many of the flist will be interested but I hope if you liked the series you'll like this, too. ♥ (and for the record I think it likely Hiroto would have a cell phone by this time. XD)

winterlong )
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asdjfkls finally done. now that this is out of the way I want to try some new things...

EDITED TO ADD THE MISSING LINE IN SECTION THREE. *facepalms* [ profile] mananeh is a lifesaver. ♥

title: five things that never happened to hayato and ryu
rating: R
length: 3662 words
notes: thanks to [ profile] mananeh for allowing me to poke her occasionally for ideas and reactions. (and, I suppose, to [ profile] absenceofmind to getting me thinking about Gokusen again in the first place...?)

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