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-- what's this I hear about Yami no Matsuei coming off hiatus? I was never a hardcore YnM fan but I kind of feel like this is a sign of the endtimes or something. o_O Like if CLAMP ever started X again. Who's read the new volume and wants to tell me what happens?

A time-sensitive note: [ profile] help_haiti bidding ends tomorrow at noon EST (9 AM PST, 5 PM GMT, etc). My thread's still here; it's gotten um awfully high thank you very much I'm so glad I could help raise money I will do my best to fulfill expectations sjkd;ads anyway, the relevant point is I said if there were over five bidders I'd do two fics for the top two bidders, and there have indeed been more than five, so. Two it is. Thanks for donating. :) (And do a little research into where and how you choose to donate! I believe Médecins Sans Frontières, one of my charities of choice, is asking donors not to earmark donations specifically for Haiti as they've already got more earmarked money than they can realistically dispose of for several years.)

JE masterlist remains here, k-pop's here, bandom's here, and [ profile] arashi_on is running their own fundraising effort here.

Other notes: If you're interested and have missed it, [ profile] kizuna_exchange sign ups are open for business and will remain open until the 24th at midnight AKST - yeah, that's right, Alaska time. XD (Fine, fine, that's the 25th at 1 AM PST, 4 AM EST, 9 AM GMT, etc.) We are Really Excited about everyone who's signed up so far, eeee. :D

Incidentally, sorry about the sudden burst of posting, I've got all this stuff backlogged/half-finished/ready to c&p and am trying to clear out GoogleDocs. XD;;; Still need to post:

-- Kobayashi & Iwai collaborations with an eye to "Bandage"
-- writeup for GLAY Vienna Teng any of the concerts I attended in the last year ^^;
-- that analysis of KAT-TUN solos
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[ profile] gothicauthor's compiling a masterlist of JE offerings here - check it out, and if you know anyone offering who's not on the list yet be sure to comment and let her know! (I'm the only one on the list thus far who doesn't have a separate fic journal, apparently. XD)

In a similar vein, there's a KAT-TUN giveaway going on here - donate and you'll join a pool from which the OP will randomly select winners to receive K-T goodies. :)
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Here's how this is going to work:

I'm signed up for [ profile] help_haiti here. One fic guaranteed over 1000 words, no upper bound. The higher the bidding the longer it'll be. If there's, er, actual demand I'll write two, for the top two bids. (edit: "actual demand" determined to be over five bidders.) Fandoms on offer are the usual - JE, Gokusen 2, Nobuta - but if there's another fandom you want to see me write for shoot me a comment/email/PM. I'm definitely open to suggestions. Pairings/characters entirely at your discretion i.e. you want to make me write Kame/Yamapi, I'll write you Kame/Yamapi. Finishing WIPs is also negotiable. (Again, get in touch and we'll talk.) Bidding closes January 20th and more importantly it's generally agreed that the fics be delivered by February 14th so if you've ever wanted to reach into the screen and shake me for taking weeks/months/years to finish a fic or a meme prompt or what have you... now's your chance to make me actually do something on time! Starting bid is $5, remember this is about donating to a really important aid effort and not about what you think the monetary value of my fic is ahahaha.

However! If you're not terribly interested in the fic side but want to encourage donations, we'll do it like this - go ahead and bid, i.e. push up the bidding, and if you come out on top I'll match your donation myself and write fic for the second highest bidder's donation. See, you can't lose!

Or you can check out the many many other writers/artists/vidders/graphic designers/etc. offering their wares - masterlist sorted by fandom in the works here. (As the compiler hasn't finished going through the first post yet - there are a lot of offers - I'll point out for the benefit of JE fans that [ profile] wrangler aka [ profile] superlover and [ profile] yamapea are both offering fic, see their journals for details. Hi guys, hope you don't mind the shout out. XD)

Or if there's some other good or service you want from me - beta-ing or what have you - get in touch and I'll put a price tag on it.

Or you can donate directly to a variety of relief organizations via PayPal.

edit: [ profile] gothicauthor's compiling a master list of JE fandom offers here.


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