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Apparently today is National Post Old Fic day, i.e. I've been going through my writing folder and finding all sorts of things I'd completely forgotten about.

So way back at Christmas I did this fic-request-on-a-card thing and then posted the results. Well... I missed one! So this was originally for [ profile] way_too_dorky, who wanted Pin with Ryo somehow involved. Set vaguely in the TAY*J verse, but you definitely don't need to have read that to understand this.

Here is the quote from the original fic that this plays off of:
Ryo was home when Yamapi called, anyway, so it didn't matter. (Jin was almost disappointed. He'd been looking forward to seeing Ryo's face when he came home to find Jin and Pi crashing on his couch, watching his TV, snacking on his snacks. Oh well - he would just have to remember it for next time.)

Jin had secretly been waiting for exactly this opportunity for ages, so when he and Yamapi arrived at Ryo's apartment and Ryo wasn't home, they immediately went to find the concierge. When Ryo got home, they were camped out in front of the television with Ryo's brand new PS3, a mountain of snacks, and the delicious glow of accomplishment.

"What the fuck," said Ryo, dropping his bag.

"Hey, Ryo," Yamapi said, without taking his eyes from the screen. "You weren't home, so we let ourselves in."

"You – you – " Jin was treated to the rare sight of Ryo actually speechless. "How long have you been here?"

Yamapi paused the game and they looked at each other. "An hour?" Jin guessed. "Maybe two?"

"You've been in my apartment, unsupervised, for two hours," Ryo repeated. "What did you break."

"We didn't break anything!" Jin said, making wounded eyes at Ryo. "We were totally responsible. All we did was play Metal Gear Solid, once we found the extra controller."

Ryo narrowed his eyes. "Don't try that with me, Akanishi. I’m smarter than you. What did you do before you found the controller?"

They shared a grin. Yamapi turned to smirk at Ryo. "Sure you want to know?"

"What the hell do you – Jesus Christ," said Ryo. "You – where? What did you touch? I'm fucking sterilizing it right now, you assholes."

"Aw, come on, Ryo," Jin said, trying to suppress a betraying grin. "It wasn't that bad, just - "

"If you touched my couch," Ryo said from between clenched teeth, "I will kill you both. Do you understand me."

Jin couldn't keep it up any longer. He burst into giggles. That set Yamapi off and soon both of them were lying on the floor, laughing so hard they could barely move as Ryo stared at them.

"Ryo," Yamapi gasped, "Ryo, the look on your face – "

The look on Ryo's face was murderous. It only made Jin laugh harder. "I hate you," Ryo said. "I hate you more than anything I've ever hated, are you listening to me?"

"He doesn't approve of our relationship," Jin said woefully to Yamapi. "He said he accepted us for who we were, but he doesn't like it."

"I didn't say any crap about 'accepting' anyone," Ryo said witheringly. "I said at least this way neither of you will have any children to spread your stupidity to. And what I don't like is the thought of you making out on my couch!"

"I don't think that's it," Yamapi stage whispered. "I think – " he looked at Ryo furtively, " – I think he's jealous."

“I'm what?

Jin threw his arms around Yamapi. "I don’t care," he announced. "I'm not sharing with anyone! Tell me if he tries anything, okay?"

Yamapi smiled and nodded happily.

Ryo looked like he wanted to to take them apart with his bare hands.

Jin thought victory had never tasted so sweet.

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