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For the anon who asked for this ages ago -- hopefully you see this! -- in honor of the fact that 1) Monday's concert was one of the most fun shows I have ever been to (and you will hear about this in more detail, sketchy concert report track record or no, because I have already typed up 90% of my impressions) and 2) this song almost made me cry live lololol.

Note on the title: I went with "Murmurs", like the sound a brook makes, because of the bridge. However though it generally means a rustling/swishing sound it can ALSO mean dry/dried up (さらさらした土), which in this case is an equally if not more valid interpretation. In fact I am still not totally satisfied with this choice and like many other things it remains subject to change.

Murmurs )

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Writing up the notes for the Zaida story right now. (Thank you so much to everyone who's commented, I hardly even know how to respond. I just, I really appreciate it.) I did most of the initial research last winter/spring and I wanted to share some of the things I came across in the process. This is an interview from AS, via the fantastic website, with Maria (Mery) Ruiz, the first (female) Spanish player to reach the quarterfinals of the Champions' League. The last few lines are pretty heartbreaking, especially for Madridistas.

Original Spanish here. Translation by yours truly, all corrections welcomed.

Her story bears a certainly similarity to that of Raul. Maria Ruiz, known to most as Mery, is a Madrileña by birth (06/13/1983), a Madridista by heart, and a striker by position. Last season she made the decision to leave Espanyol, just proclaimed champions of the Copa de la Reina, to play for Zvezda 2005 in the Russian league.

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Inspired to do this one by [ profile] pithetaphish's excellent, excellent "BANDAGE" write-up. I hadn't really paid attention to the lyrics until I looked at it with an eye to translation and in the context of the film it's kind of, um, heart-breaking. D:

LANDS feat. Akanishi Jin - Genki (acoustic version)

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I heard the LANDS album with [ profile] winterspel today and this is the one that hooked me.

LANDS feat. Akanishi Jin - Hatachi no sensou

War, Age 20 )

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Flisters in the Phillippines, I'm thinking of all of you. Be safe tonight.


For [ profile] asinful. ♥


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Edit: Oh, and I almost forgot, leak of new single GET. *_* (I act all calm, haha, you should have heard me when I found it.) Let me know if you are an interested party...

...Yup, this band is still my favorite.

As always with Kusano Masamune lyrics, there's a healthy dose of personal interpretation involved. Also this is not exactly the most coherent translation in the world as my primary concern was just to share the song and some inkling of its meaning with whatever victims I could. The song is here. P.S. 胸痛くなるほど好き。

06/15/10: Translation edited significantly; I've still got the old version if for some reason someone's looking for it.

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Reposting to fix a couple typos and minor errors, since you can't edit comments. :D

Scans from [ profile] 4_03_am here. ♥♥

(Edited to add a header translation, which [ profile] nihongofrancais totally did first in the above post. The male bonding line is all her. :D)

Brief time off with friends rather than girls

Catching an actual scene of what Akanishi always talks about: "Yamapi and I have been good friends ever since our Jr. days." With Akanishi in the middle of a concert tour and Yamapi in the middle of drama shooting, their schedules are overcrowded, but they still meet up and go from getting a drink to a ramen shop. Aw, male bonding.

No need for girlfriends? )
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An older translation for one of my favorite songs.

KOKIA - Sora

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(scan thanks to [ profile] ina at Hadaka no Johnny's!)

"The predicted image of the future with my best friends is complete for many years ahead."

Recently, together with Jin and my other best friend, we were predicting the future. That is, what will it be like when we've turned 30? We talked excitedly for about two hours, but the conclusion was that we won't really have changed. More time will pass from now until we turn thirty as from when we met until now. Like, because our connection hasn't changed at all since we've meet, even if we turn thirty it definitely won't have changed, right? Of course, we'll experience different things, and our knowledge will grow. But when the three of us are together, the atmosphere will be unchanged. That's a treasure.

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Aaaaand it's time for a little non-JE content here again. *g* Those of you who have been around for awhile have almost certainly heard me talk about Spitz (again and again and again); here is another of my favorites.

Spitz - Hanemono

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translation )

(translation note: I chose to interpret ハネモノ as 羽物 instead of 撥ね物. I suppose you could make a case for either, but I felt this was more in line with the spirit of the song. see this is why Kusano Masamune is great; so many possible interpretations. ♥)
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As I've mentioned before (...several times), Spitz aka スピッツ is more or less my favorite band in the entire world, and someday I will finish the pimp post I have been working on that explains in great detail why. *g* For now, here is a song of there's called "Kaede", or "Maple Tree". It was the very first Spitz song I heard, a wistful song that to me at least evokes the feel of autumn (maple tree imagery, etc.), and it makes me wibble like crazy. XD Like all of Kusano Masasmune's songs, the lyrics are as important as the music, so here is my shot at translating it.

Spitz - Kaede

kanji )

romaji )

translation )

Come to think of it, this would quite a good song for Hiroto during those three years. D:
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So I did this tonight instead of writing. Whoops. What can I say, all those posts about Ueda on [ profile] kattunlove were making me feel guilty.

Original scans by [ profile] emeree at [ profile] boys_paper. :D

How about boxing, everyone? )
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Backdated translation - mainly so I can have everything in one place.

The song I've been listening to lately is... )


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