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Shamelessly swiped from [ profile] meretricula. Comment by tomorrow morning and you'll give me something to do on the plane! (edit: obviously, later comments are okay, too. that was just a shameless ploy to keep me busy.)

I think it would be fun to talk about stories, but the usual memes are like, "What happens next?" "Tell me about Character A?" Which isn't so much talking about stories as it is writing more of a story. But you know how sometimes you read something and you're like, "I got ___ out of this story, I wonder if I have that right?" or "What on earth was ____ supposed to be?" and it's too awkward to ask the author? Now you could totally ask!

I've heard people say that writing is hard because you have to make decisions, but we never really talk about the decisions we make with stories or why we make them. We talk about plot bunnies, but not about how we actually turn them into a story.

So, if you wanted, ask me questions!

What were you trying to do [here]? Why did you decide to ____? This is what I thought about xyz, is that what you were going for? What made you write ____? Why did you decide to do this? And so on.


Also, can someone familiar with Yuletide answer a couple questions about sign-ups/matching? I am confused and looking through [ profile] yuletide unfortunately hasn't helped. DDD:

Now I will finish packing and go to sleep. Er, soon.

edit: fic snippets in comments!
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Everyone was born in April, omg. Happy birthday to [ profile] mousapelli and [ profile] autumnjaide - only half an hour late in my time zone, ahaha! - both of whom I am very fond. :)

Technically this is a couple hours late, but it still feels like the 19th. Anyway. I'm sure none of you expected me not to mention that a year ago Jin returned to Japan. :) Looking back, I feel kind of gypped since after going through his actual hiatus announcement and the next six months, when the news finally broke that he was coming back I was right in the middle of slipping out of JE fandom for several months of my own. On the other hand -- if Jin hadn't come back, I probably wouldn't have gotten back into fandom several months later as a recovery method and there are so many wonderful people I wouldn't have met, or gotten closer to, and so many opportunities to actually try and better my writing that I never would have gotten. This fandom's done a lot for me, and I'm grateful for it. ♥

Anyways, I am halfway through the timestamp meme, which I feel merits a post... XD Also I started working on the Gokusen fic again, so after this all bets are off. But hopefully I'll manage to knock out more within the next week anyway. :D So here are the first four:

jin in hawaii, several months before the events of tay*j.
on 'hiatus' )

hayato and company, the day after part two of five things that never happened to hayato and ryu.
absent again )

akame, one month after the end of the lines we travel.
saturday, march 14, 2009 )

akame, one month after they move in together after low key.
long enough for its own post...
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Apparently today is National Post Old Fic day, i.e. I've been going through my writing folder and finding all sorts of things I'd completely forgotten about.

So way back at Christmas I did this fic-request-on-a-card thing and then posted the results. Well... I missed one! So this was originally for [ profile] way_too_dorky, who wanted Pin with Ryo somehow involved. Set vaguely in the TAY*J verse, but you definitely don't need to have read that to understand this.

Here is the quote from the original fic that this plays off of:
Ryo was home when Yamapi called, anyway, so it didn't matter. (Jin was almost disappointed. He'd been looking forward to seeing Ryo's face when he came home to find Jin and Pi crashing on his couch, watching his TV, snacking on his snacks. Oh well - he would just have to remember it for next time.)

Pin and Ryo, 486 words, PG-13 )
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I don't need to explain why, do I? XDD

This was [ profile] darkeyedwolf's Christmas ficlet - I never posted it because I meant to expand it later, and I might still, but today demands something special and I'm not coherent enough to produce new fic. So it's short and rough around the edges but JIN IS BACK HELLO it will have to suffice for now. ♥

tay*j get a drama together. cue porn. )

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five )

start: 10/12/2006
finish: 01/15/2007
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Title: Marquee (or, That TAY*J Fic)
Word count: 41,790
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/Yamashita Tomohisa
Warnings: Sex, language, excessive length, total self-indulgence.
Summary: Jin comes back.

Notes: This started out as self-therapy, of a sort, the day Jin's hiatus was confirmed; as you can see it got completely out of hand. *g* Thank you to my lovely, lovely flist for the comments and suggestions and encouragement and pure wonderfulness, and special thanks to [ profile] karinberry for letting me babble about it at her practically every other night. And of course, thanks to [ profile] darkeyedwolf for coming up with the idea of TAY*J in the first place. ♥

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one )
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Title: Professional Jealousy
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/Akanishi Jin, hints of Akanishi Jin/Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: choppiness, crack
Disclaimer: TAY*J is the brainchild of [ profile] darkeyedwolf. XD
Notes: Unlocked and slightly edited version. Still for [ profile] darkeyedwolf and [ profile] corimari.

'Just a side project, that's all.' )


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