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I didn't mention it directly but I'm on vacation now (glee!) and so will be around only intermittently for the next few days. :D In the meantime, [ profile] winterspel was the first to get her Christmas fic and so here it is.

Title: Winterlong
Rating: PG
Length: 1794 words
Notes: I was listening to Oda Kazumasa's version of Bokura no machi de over and over (which I love even though I'm not overly fond of the KAT-TUN version) and so when I sat down to write something for [ profile] winterspel, this just - came out. I - I don't think I've written het since junior high. Anyways, this is just a small, extremely sappy coda to the series - I don't know how many of the flist will be interested but I hope if you liked the series you'll like this, too. ♥ (and for the record I think it likely Hiroto would have a cell phone by this time. XD)

winterlong )
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As I've mentioned before (...several times), Spitz aka ใ‚นใƒ”ใƒƒใƒ„ is more or less my favorite band in the entire world, and someday I will finish the pimp post I have been working on that explains in great detail why. *g* For now, here is a song of there's called "Kaede", or "Maple Tree". It was the very first Spitz song I heard, a wistful song that to me at least evokes the feel of autumn (maple tree imagery, etc.), and it makes me wibble like crazy. XD Like all of Kusano Masasmune's songs, the lyrics are as important as the music, so here is my shot at translating it.

Spitz - Kaede

kanji )

romaji )

translation )

Come to think of it, this would quite a good song for Hiroto during those three years. D:


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