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what I am learning from this week: if you challenge yourself to post fic-related things every day, you will be busy every day. asjdklsd it's ridiculous. also, all your nearly completed WIPs (or so you think) will grow several extra scenes and still not be any closer to finished. so, er, cheating again - here's a snippet I wrote for [ profile] wintersjuly in comments back when those rumors about Pin possibly having an apartment together surfaced. (the whole article is - somewhere else, I can't lay hands on the scan at the minute. never did translate it either, ahahaha.) not locked, for once, because this is firmly staying a drabble! AMAZING, I KNOW.

'Hey Akanishi, what's this I hear about you shacking up with Yamapi?' )
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HELLO FLIST, I AM HOME. HOME AND BURSTING WITH NEWS LOVE. but for now have some more cardfic.

Title: The One Where There Are Carrots
Characters: NEWS (but especially Ryo and Yamapi)
Rating: G (shock!)
Length: 577 words
Notes: For [ profile] pinkpapyrus, for Christmas. ♥

it's a seasonal thing )
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Apparently today is National Post Old Fic day, i.e. I've been going through my writing folder and finding all sorts of things I'd completely forgotten about.

So way back at Christmas I did this fic-request-on-a-card thing and then posted the results. Well... I missed one! So this was originally for [ profile] way_too_dorky, who wanted Pin with Ryo somehow involved. Set vaguely in the TAY*J verse, but you definitely don't need to have read that to understand this.

Here is the quote from the original fic that this plays off of:
Ryo was home when Yamapi called, anyway, so it didn't matter. (Jin was almost disappointed. He'd been looking forward to seeing Ryo's face when he came home to find Jin and Pi crashing on his couch, watching his TV, snacking on his snacks. Oh well - he would just have to remember it for next time.)

Pin and Ryo, 486 words, PG-13 )
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Title: Natural Habitat
Pairing: Ryo/Aiba
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: ...crack. obviously.
Notes: I can't blame this entirely on [ profile] corimari, but it's not all my fault, either. XD See her post for (slightly) more details on how this came about. And if you haven't already, GO READ HER VERSION. I just - yeah. I don't know what to say about this one. Pure, undiluted crack. XD

And this is the part that gets him in trouble on the show, too, when he knows the animal is dangerous and antagonizes it anyways. )


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