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I'm off to visit family for a few days, but I should be in touch. I have new books and electronics and the Planet Earth DVD set to entertain me so it should be a very nice and relaxing trip. In the meantime, seeing as [ profile] je_holiday has finished posting, time for the usual guessing game for those so inclined -- tell me which fic I wrote (if you are not privy to insider information, ahem), and I'll, um, do something nice I haven't really figured out yet. (A fic snippet if you want it? I do manage to come through on those sometimes...) Obviously I can't tell you if you're right until reveals are up on the first but I can rub my hands together over any guesses until then...? :D I'm eagerly waiting for the last [ profile] je_ficgames prompt to be posted so I can throw open that one, too. (Because I'm really, really curious. You know. In case I haven't mentioned that several times already. XD)

This Christmas and this end of the year period in general have been so much better than last year. I can't tell you how much better I feel. It's not that it's been a year full of change (there's been very little change, actually, though some exciting events of course); it's all my state of mind. Which is heartening. :)

(Why have I been ending every post lately with the feeling I'm forgetting something?! *pulls at hair*)
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Posting a fic and somehow leaving out an entire line of dialogue? Awesome *facepalms* At least I caught it eventually? ^^;;

To save this post from being entirely pointless, have a very small picspam from my short trip home this summer:

my mother and I went hiking in Powerline Pass one afternoon )
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