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It was gnawing at my little completionist heart not to have this posted/linked to from this journal, so here it is after all. (Feel free to note the identity of the remixee and be awed by my filthy lying secret-keeping abilities.

Title: Waiting
Fandom: Nobuta wo Produce
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1105
Notes: Remix of [ profile] wintersjuly's Guilt Free At Three A.M. for [ profile] jdrama_remix.

( When it's better not to give up. )
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No dedication for this could even come close to being enough. It's just barely still the 28th here, but it is the 29th in Australia, which means it's my mabudachi's birthday. [ profile] wintersjuly is simply one of the very best friends I ever could have. She's seen my worst sides, she's seen me moody, abrasive, provoking, contrary, and just downright stubborn, and she's still been there for me every time. I could go on and on about how smart, funny, silly, lovable, etc. etc. she is but. We might both get embarrassed. :) So instead here is a little present for you, Nita. ilu. ♥♥

Title: Tabibito
Rating: G
Wordcount: 760
Notes: I started this a while ago, on a beach, and only managed to put the finishing touches on it for a certain occasion. Happy birthday, Nita. ♥

traveler )
acchikocchi: (Default) know, I don't think I posted this much back before I took that break. *g*

Give me the names of two characters and I will tell you why character A loves character B. I might answer with a drabble, a quick bit of meta, or a list, just to make things that tiny bit more OMGSOEXCITING!

Any fandom, any characters/people, any pairing. That, you know, I have some minor degree of familiarity with. XD

who am I kidding, they're all going to be drabbles. *tool*

edit for results:

shuuji and akira
yamapi and jin
kame and jin
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Title: Warmth
Fandom: Nobuta wo Produce
Pairing: Akira/Shuuji
Rating: PG
Notes: [ profile] corimari has been having an awful, awful day and said she wanted fluffy Nobuta, so I did my best to provide. Do not blame me if you choose to read and then spontaneously develop cavities, because this is pure sugary fluff. (I'm looking at you, [ profile] feather_down. And yes, I know I owe you Nobuta fic, too. XD) ANYWAY. Cori liked it and that's good enough for me. :D

Things had started to go badly nearly the moment Shuuji got to work. )


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