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There's going to be a Sex Pistols OVA.

Promo here.

...I think, er, words add nothing to this.

(Goodness, between Sex Pistols and Maiden Rose and the Ai no Kusabi remake this is quite the season...)

edit: notable seiyuu involved:

Yonekuni - Sugita Tomokazu (Subaru in the X anime, Mayama in Hachikuro, Kyon in Haruhi, Raidou on the recent DSRK drama CD... XD)
Norio - Shimono Hiro (Tajima in Ookiku Furikabutte, Subaru in the TRC OAV ahaha okay that's really the reason I mention him)
Kunimasa - Kawahara Yoshihisa (Yasu in Nana, Tachibana in PoT XDDD)


Sep. 14th, 2009 10:55 pm
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Me as depicted by (line buddy, stellar artist, and all-around ♥♥♥ person) [ profile] ebony_angel, from the following sketch:

IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL I LOVE IT FOREVER. and grouchy chibi!me looks - let's just say, very like me. XD

(background information: Hisashi is GLAY's lead guitarist and the most popular member among American fans by a landslide. But not my favorite. *sniffs* The "guitar case pose" line - uh, will take a bit more explaining. XD;)
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How, exactly, did I get as far as June without hearing the about this year's taiga dorama? In retrospect [ profile] pithetaphish must have mentioned it when she was giving me a rundown of the new drama season in Shirakawago, because I remember getting Tsumabuki Satoshi mixed up with Tsukamoto Takashi, but I recall nothing else. For anyone else out there living in blissful ignorance, let me fix that for you: the main character is Naoe Kanetsugu, meaning supporting characters include not only Uesugi Kagekatsu but also - oh yes - Naoe Nobutsuna and Uesugi Kagetora. And Uesugi Kenshin, as played by Abe Hiroshi, and Date Masamune, as played by ahahaha Matsuda Ryuhei, and the rest of the usual slew of familiar Sengoku names. (Oh lord, Shirota Yuu is playing Sanada Yukimura. Very clever, guys. -_- Come to think of it I think [ profile] mananeh told me that part before, so it looks like the fault is with my sieve of a memory and not my network of informants.) No sign of Nagahide, though, more's the pity. Further details here and here, including synopses. Oh god they have one of those relationship flow charts. Do I really want to see what everyone looks l - yes I do. *CLICKS*

Kanetsugu, Kagekatsu and Kagetora: ...............nicely cast. Ahem.

Real Naoe Naoe Nobutsuna: Aw, come on. XD

Yes, yes, I know, the producers probably didn't read Mirage (OR DID THEY). But while I have no problem - based on photographic evidence, at least - conflating this Kagetora and that Kagetora, Naoe does make for something of a stumbling block. Sigh. Though if I remember correctly Kagekatsu and Kanetsugu were just-as-if-not-more... no, we're stopping right there. I have no time for taiga dramas and their low production standards! None!

This entire post probably means nothing to those who are not familiar with Mirage of Blaze aka Honoo no Mirage/Honoo no Shinkirou. (Or, you know, Sengoku-era Japanese history, but I know my flist.) I. I don't have the stamina to try and explain it coherently. 40 volume novel series, Sengoku-jidai history, esoteric Buddhism, reincarnation and other forms of the supernatural, protagonists that make Sakurazuka Seishirou and Sumeragi Subaru look the model of a happy and well-adjusted relationship.

Forget no time for taiga dramas, I have no time to resurrect any kind of interest in Mirage. *sobs*


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