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Sep. 25th, 2012 03:52 am
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I'm moving in a week and I really need to pare down years of accumulated manga (plus a few artbooks/light novels/anime DVDs) before then! So here's the list of what I have for sale until October 1st.

The manga is mostly (but not entirely) BL and/or fantasy shoujo (i.e. Wings/Asuka-type series); the anime is more of a mixed bag. As a bonus, I've got a lot of the furoku goods that used to come with Asuka magazine (calendars, clear files, pencil boards, etc) in the mid-2000s so if you're interested in DN Angel, Lagoon Engine, X, Gouhou Drug, Angelique etc say the word and I'll toss something in with your order as an extra. Alternatively if someone wants the lot for let's say $7 it's all yours. on hold!

This is definitely an "everything must go" type of situation so I'll consider counter offers in the right situation. Prices do not include shipping; unless otherwise requested I'll send via USPS Media Mail within the US. To give you an idea of how that prices out, I recently shipped 21 volumes of manga for about $5. Internationally, I'll do whatever option you like! If you have any other questions, you can reach me via LJ comment, direct message, or email (konsquared at gmail).


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-- what's this I hear about Yami no Matsuei coming off hiatus? I was never a hardcore YnM fan but I kind of feel like this is a sign of the endtimes or something. o_O Like if CLAMP ever started X again. Who's read the new volume and wants to tell me what happens?

A time-sensitive note: [ profile] help_haiti bidding ends tomorrow at noon EST (9 AM PST, 5 PM GMT, etc). My thread's still here; it's gotten um awfully high thank you very much I'm so glad I could help raise money I will do my best to fulfill expectations sjkd;ads anyway, the relevant point is I said if there were over five bidders I'd do two fics for the top two bidders, and there have indeed been more than five, so. Two it is. Thanks for donating. :) (And do a little research into where and how you choose to donate! I believe Médecins Sans Frontières, one of my charities of choice, is asking donors not to earmark donations specifically for Haiti as they've already got more earmarked money than they can realistically dispose of for several years.)

JE masterlist remains here, k-pop's here, bandom's here, and [ profile] arashi_on is running their own fundraising effort here.

Other notes: If you're interested and have missed it, [ profile] kizuna_exchange sign ups are open for business and will remain open until the 24th at midnight AKST - yeah, that's right, Alaska time. XD (Fine, fine, that's the 25th at 1 AM PST, 4 AM EST, 9 AM GMT, etc.) We are Really Excited about everyone who's signed up so far, eeee. :D

Incidentally, sorry about the sudden burst of posting, I've got all this stuff backlogged/half-finished/ready to c&p and am trying to clear out GoogleDocs. XD;;; Still need to post:

-- Kobayashi & Iwai collaborations with an eye to "Bandage"
-- writeup for GLAY Vienna Teng any of the concerts I attended in the last year ^^;
-- that analysis of KAT-TUN solos

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Sep. 15th, 2009 08:46 pm
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That is, TRC's ending September 30th (I'm... not sure how they're going to wrap it up in two more chapters but I guess we'll find out) so if you've been waiting to make sure it would actually be completed for the end before catching up, if you start now you'll probably be done at just around the right time. XD

But I'm really here to talk about xxxHOLIC.

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Still have to write up Kame no Ongaeshi night #2, oops. Have also started slowly and painfully reconstructing lost remix fic. We'll see how far that goes. In the meantime, manga talk.

xxxHolic 10-14, non-spoilery )

xxxHolic + Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, spoilers through recent chapters )

NANA 21, major spoilers )

Edit: Also I would be very much obliged if anyone could do me the favor of uploading Superpitcher's "Happiness (Lawrence Remix)" as my .mp3 is trapped on the Dead Laptop and the song's been stuck in my head ever since it came up in (LJ) conversation this morning. Got it, thank you Mysterious Email Benefactor... ;D


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