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Not a single person in my office is working, so far be it from me to spoil things. *g* Instead -

1. Just went through and cut some defunct and/or duplicate accounts, at least as far as I can tell - if I've made a mistake and you're still out there (or you'd like your secret clone account to have access), please let me know and I'll fix. I would never want to cut anyone who's actually reading. :D

2. I've been meaning to post about this for ages. The most excellent [ profile] jana_nox translated several of my JE fics into Russian some time ago: One Thousand and One Tokyo Nights, Morning, Noon, and Night, Checks and Balances, and Low Key. Recently, [ profile] zlobnyi_kisenok did the same for the Gokusen fics, Five Things That Never Happened to Hayato and Ryu and Maps. So there's the public announcement; they're all linked from my fic index in case anyone stopping by would prefer Russian. It goes without saying I'm beyond flattered. :D (And impressed! ♥)

(...things I wrote! In another language! This so exciting, I can't even say.)

3.The Weepies - All That I Want
Joni Mitchell - River

4. edit: via [ profile] anamuan, The fab four of Japan's art scene. Read all the way to the end. XD
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James Patterson Inc. -- read this. Fascinating and terrifying. XD; The numbers alone boggle the mind. And his name was only vaguely familiar to me at best before reading this - if you'd told me he was a best-selling author I would have said I kind of remembered seeing his name on dust jackets, but. Anyway, it doesn't rile me up like, say, Dan Brown does - I can totally appreciate what this guy's doing from a marketing perspective, obviously he's very good at it.

Though did Patterson's various comments on his own reading material remind anyone else of an app for [ profile] thebookyoucrew? XD

Compare to this article, on Thomas Kinkade, "the only artist to be a small-cap equity issue." (Originally published in The New Yorker, but you can't read it from their online archives without a subscription; this link is to the author's personal website.) He and Patterson would either get along like a house afire or detest each other at first sight, I don't know which.


Unrelated: My mother and I watched the third installment of the new(est) BBC adaptation of "Emma" on PBS last night, having missed the start last week in which they inexplicably aired the first two episodes back to back. Anyway, I've heard both good and bad assessments from the flist but what no one has pointed out that really threw me: how much Romola Garai looks like Katee Sackhoff! It's eerie! And of all the jarring associations. XD;;;; (Looking at stills, they don't seem to resemble each other much, but trust me, in action they really, really do.)


Nov. 3rd, 2009 08:24 pm
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The Economist stumbles across fujoshi

...but doesn't realize it, which makes reading the article twice as entertaining. It also makes the analysis somewhat off base, but I'm not linking for the analysis. XD


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