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You may recall mention here of Mt. Redoubt, a volcano about 90 miles from Anchorage that has been on the verge of erupting for almost two months. ^^; Overnight it finally did... five times. USGS spokesman says it's probably not over yet; I really, really hope he's wrong ahaha. Fortunately the winds are in our favor and there's no ash expected to fall on Anchorage yet, to the disappointment of [ profile] mananeh who was looking forward to "apocalyptic photos of ash falling". XD Some flights have been cancelled, mostly in-state, but there are a bunch of skiiers on their way up for the US Nationals who are now trapped in Seattle. And my brother's home for spring break and kind of needs to get back to school on Friday, so, uh, we hope that'll work out. On the bright site, everyone involved in the Iditarod, which happened a couple weeks ago, is very luck because there's ash falling on part of the route and I have no idea how they could possibly have managed the race. (Though that would make for a great headline: "Dog sled race cancelled because of volcanic eruption...")

Did I mention six inches of fresh snow yesterday morning? No? Good thing I didn't make the "hey, everything is melting and spring breakup is coming!" post I intended because clearly that was nothing but wishful and deluded thinking. Sob. Actually the end of March isn't so bad. It's when you get 18 inches on April 25th (see: last year) that you start really questioning your life choices to date. Like, "GOD WHY DO I LIVE HERE."

...a cheerful post so far. Quick note, I've officially signed up for [ profile] jentfic_remix so consider that extra pressure to anyone wobbling on the edge of joining. Tomorrow's the sign-up deadline! Give me more material to potentially remix. Please. :D

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There's so much I've been meaning to post about, argh, and I just can't seem to find the time or energy. A fraction of that is that:

1. This year's round of [ profile] jentfic_remix is open for sign-ups, and if you were one of the people who were dissatisfied with the original system of match-ups last year, this year the moderator has said she'll be checking everyone's fic journals to see what there is to work with plus there's the option to state preferences in the sign-up form. Am I going to sign up? Oh, probably. (Cue disbelieving laughter from everyone on the flist at this time last year.) Besides being what you might call a glutton for punishment, it's a surefire way to make sure I actually write something, and challenge fic generally turns out better than my average. XD;

2. So, um, I triumphed over the spring fare sales and seem to be going to Japan for two weeks next month. Aha. :D The plan is to head up into the central mountains, specifically around Takayama, where forecasts tell me there will still be cherry blossoms (I have never seen a cherry blossom in my life) and then down to Kansai, to see [ profile] gnine and [ profile] xparrot in Kyoto and do some hiking. :) (And then spend a couple days in Tokyo at the end not for any particular reason nothing to do with that concert nope not me. >_>) So if anyone wants to meet up and lounge around the Shima Hanto peninsula or hike one of the Kumano Kodo trails or, well, anything else, let me know. :)

3. Keep meaning to post about Vienna Teng's new album, keep changing my mind on what I think. A couple tracks in the meantime:

Antebellum (edit: link fixed)
St. Stephen's Cross

4. I understand that most of my flist does not quite appreciate that hockey is in fact the most perfect sport ever created and that Cornell hockey in particular is the pinnacle of it all but -- coming back with twenty-four seconds left in regulation to tie the conference semifinal and drive it into double overtime with the ultimate win yessssssssss yes yes yes regardless of what happens tomorrow we are going to the NCAAs. It has been TOO LONG. Happy. So happy.

5. BSG finale: ....................*whimper*
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Title: Can't Go Home Again
Pairing: Jin/various.
Wordcount: 2907
Notes: Remix of [ profile] tokyostory's Pinky and Perky for [ profile] jentfic_remix.

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