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I have a million things I need to post about, so obviously instead of doing that I am going to post this rambling and frankly insane BRILLIANT full cast AU outline, courtesy of a chat with [ profile] nahco3, because it needs to be saved for posterity. I really have no explanation for this. I will just say that the highlight is probably the part where Barca is staffing the New Yorker and leave it at that. edited to add: ALSO IT'S VERY LONG. don't say I didn't warn you.

Edited to cut down on keysmashing, capslock agreement with every line, etc., though some of that is left in for atmosphere. XD

Pairings: in order, Stevie/Xabi, Ramos/Torres, DV/DS, Bojan-->Pep, Pep/Mou, CRon/Leo, Xavi/Iniesta. I think that's all of them. Plus a supporting cast of thousands.

Okay, so. This is all started so innocuously, with this picture...

[ profile] acchikocchi: he looks so puzzled.
[ profile] acchikocchi: (which is admittedly par for the course, but.)
[ profile] nahco3: maybe he was trying to impress
[ profile] nahco3: f torres
[ profile] nahco3: the hot caddy
[ profile] acchikocchi: i think impressing f.torres the hot caddy is the only reason he would be golfing
[ profile] acchikocchi: backwards baseball cap and all.
[ profile] acchikocchi: okay come to think of it
[ profile] acchikocchi: recently xabi was tweeting something about golfing
[ profile] acchikocchi: so clearly this is one of those complicated stevie/xabi sergio/fernando AUs
[ profile] acchikocchi: you know the type i mean
famous last words )

this has been tonight's installment of Late Night AU Theater. tune in next time for more with your hosts [ profile] acchikocchi and [ profile] nahco3 and their undying fondness for every trope ever written. thank you and good night.


Oct. 8th, 2009 01:36 pm
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For those familiar with Johnny's and/or Japanese business: okay, so, Johnny's & Associates is a kabushiki gaisha (K. K.). That's translated as "public company", but is it? Johnny owns 60%, Mary 10%, Julie 10%, and Izu Kikue 10%. The remaining 10% isn't publically traded (is it? it doesn't seem to be! if it is where are my financial reports!) and a K. K. may be formed as a "stock company that is not public" but J&A doesn't seem to be one - not that I can tell from their totally useless website. XD Avex and SM - omg especially Avex - are a dream in comparison.

In conclusion, I know embarrassingly little about corporate structure outside the U.S. :|


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