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This post is so overdue. D: There isn't really anything new here, just stuff that I never mentioned or that never found a permanent home elsewhere.

+ in the interests of completionism, I never mentioned that I wrote a ficlet for the [ profile] kizuna_exchange comm back in April. Here's Looking At You, Kid, 1000 words, Jin and Kame gen.

+ podfic! [ profile] kattunberry has recorded that first Nobuta fic, Warmth, and [ profile] adistantsun has recorded The Lines They Travel and The Sky Above, The World Beneath. (the last one in particular is STELLAR. music! effects! lovely Australian accent!) So if you are into podfic you should check those out because these people are awesome.

+ translations also, um, finally updated in the main fic index. at long last. that's to add Russian translations of Five Things That Never Happened To Hayato and Ryu and Maps by [ profile] zlobnyi_kisenok, and of The Sky Above, The World Beneath by [ profile] alexandro19. translation list should now be complete; please let me know if I've left something out. D:

+ a ficlet for your time. it's not new but it was buried in a friendslocked post before and now that the longer fic it might've gone into is long finished, no reason not to make it public.

"Stray", Gokusen 2, Hayato/Ryu-ish. 336 words.
hayato is a cat person )

+ ...I don't think I forgot anything? how is everyone from JE Land? I miss you guys. <3
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Well, that only took three years.

I started this for [ profile] mananeh's birthday in 2007; I'm finishing it, finally, for her birthday in 2010. [ profile] mananeh takes me to secondhand bookstores without prompting, listens to me talk endlessly about my cat, did most of the work co-modding [ profile] kizuna_exchange, and encouraged the last spurts of effort on this fic even though I'd purposely misled her into thinking it was something about footballers. (Hee.) So, you know - it's the least I could do. Happy (late) birthday, Moo. ♥ ♥ ♥

Maps (No Matter the Road)

8,736 words

Notes: AU, directly following the last part of Five Things That Never Happened to Hayato and Ryu. (Executive summary: Ryu doesn't attend Kurogin.) Many thanks for proofreading and cheerleading to [ profile] matchynishi, my favorite Akamerar. ♥

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Everyone was born in April, omg. Happy birthday to [ profile] mousapelli and [ profile] autumnjaide - only half an hour late in my time zone, ahaha! - both of whom I am very fond. :)

Technically this is a couple hours late, but it still feels like the 19th. Anyway. I'm sure none of you expected me not to mention that a year ago Jin returned to Japan. :) Looking back, I feel kind of gypped since after going through his actual hiatus announcement and the next six months, when the news finally broke that he was coming back I was right in the middle of slipping out of JE fandom for several months of my own. On the other hand -- if Jin hadn't come back, I probably wouldn't have gotten back into fandom several months later as a recovery method and there are so many wonderful people I wouldn't have met, or gotten closer to, and so many opportunities to actually try and better my writing that I never would have gotten. This fandom's done a lot for me, and I'm grateful for it. ♥

Anyways, I am halfway through the timestamp meme, which I feel merits a post... XD Also I started working on the Gokusen fic again, so after this all bets are off. But hopefully I'll manage to knock out more within the next week anyway. :D So here are the first four:

jin in hawaii, several months before the events of tay*j.
on 'hiatus' )

hayato and company, the day after part two of five things that never happened to hayato and ryu.
absent again )

akame, one month after the end of the lines we travel.
saturday, march 14, 2009 )

akame, one month after they move in together after low key.
long enough for its own post...
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song. Utada Hikaru - Take 5. This song is so gorgeous. I can't stop listening to it. I wish there was a good translation for me to link you all to. ): I may have to do it myself, instead...

fic. Door, by [ profile] fightfair (Gokusen, Hayato/Ryu). I just finished rereading it. What an amazing fic. If you've somehow missed out on hearing about it do yourself a favor and go read it right now, it's so fantastic.

book. Japanland, by Karin Muller. Recommended to me by [ profile] winterspel. I've read a lot of books about Japan, and a lot of books along the lines of foreign-author-in-Japan-tries-to-find-him/herself. This is not like those. It's absolutely fabulous. The writing is sharp and her anecdotes are unique and enthralling. I got all teary while reading the last couple chapters. Anyone interested in Japan should read this. And then tell me your thoughts. :)

I hope everyone's week starts off well! ♥
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asdjfkls finally done. now that this is out of the way I want to try some new things...

EDITED TO ADD THE MISSING LINE IN SECTION THREE. *facepalms* [ profile] mananeh is a lifesaver. ♥

title: five things that never happened to hayato and ryu
rating: R
length: 3662 words
notes: thanks to [ profile] mananeh for allowing me to poke her occasionally for ideas and reactions. (and, I suppose, to [ profile] absenceofmind to getting me thinking about Gokusen again in the first place...?)

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And here is another of the Christmas ficlets. This one is for [ profile] paddyabroad, who asked for Hayato/Ryu. I'm actually pretty fond of it, too. :D Merry late Christmas, Paddy, I'm glad you liked it!


Hayato/Ryu, PG-13, 442 words )


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