Sep. 14th, 2009 10:55 pm
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Me as depicted by (line buddy, stellar artist, and all-around ♥♥♥ person) [ profile] ebony_angel, from the following sketch:

IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL I LOVE IT FOREVER. and grouchy chibi!me looks - let's just say, very like me. XD

(background information: Hisashi is GLAY's lead guitarist and the most popular member among American fans by a landslide. But not my favorite. *sniffs* The "guitar case pose" line - uh, will take a bit more explaining. XD;)
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-- and a very happy birthday to [ profile] procreational, who is extraordinarily thoughtful and caring and generally great. ♥♥♥ Thanks for putting up with me and my oft-dodgy taste in music... ;)

Various Obligations finally completed just in time to get into the whirl of baking and shopping and mailing. Speaking of, just started on cards and things today so basically none of you will get anything before Christmas, I'm so sorry. XD They will be like nice little surprises! To keep the holiday season going! ...shh. Also, I feel sure that I missed some address collection posts while I was snowed under with work and school -- if you didn't get my address, I didn't see yours because I always sign myself up for mail. XD Point me in the right direction, please? (Likewise, if you would like mail from the Home State of Sarah Palin -- hahahaha I can see you all wincing -- shoot me an email or a screened comment here. I'll send you a caribou antler or something.)

No less than four people told me how awesome the [ profile] je_holiday fic for me was, before I had a chance to read it, and they were SO RIGHT. :D Honestly, given the numbers distribution I was expecting Pin and Gokusen 2 fic was the most pleasant of surprises! I have a Sneaking Suspicion, fed by Matchy, that the author is on my flist so if you are reading this THANK YOU. ♥♥♥ When all the fics for both that and [ profile] je_ficgames I'll do one of those guess-my-fic-and-I'll-do-something-nice-for-you, once I have a chance to think about it more.

Just took two batches of gingerbread out of the oven and my mother tasted it and said, quote, It is Nectar and Ambrosia. I'm a pretty mediocre cook but a good baker and gingerbread is a specialty. :D The family recipe, that is -- it's very dark and rich and frequently causes trouble at parties because people think it's chocolate cake and then their tastebuds are all unpleasantly shocked because they were expecting something else... To give you an idea, the other recipes I've seen (from various cookbooks, backs of molasses jars, etc.) call for anywhere from a tablespoon to half a cup of molasses; this one calls for a full cup. XD Since I have been snagging recipes from the flist right and left, thought I would share:

gingerbread )

I was going to say, if I were more organized (or had more foresight) I would have thought to document today's batch photographically, but I did double the recipe (and it got Very Messy) so maybe that wouldn't have been the best idea after all. XD;

P.S. Have a friended a few people recently and want to say, usually I don't post this often! It's been building up over a long time of LJ-lessness. XD
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No dedication for this could even come close to being enough. It's just barely still the 28th here, but it is the 29th in Australia, which means it's my mabudachi's birthday. [ profile] wintersjuly is simply one of the very best friends I ever could have. She's seen my worst sides, she's seen me moody, abrasive, provoking, contrary, and just downright stubborn, and she's still been there for me every time. I could go on and on about how smart, funny, silly, lovable, etc. etc. she is but. We might both get embarrassed. :) So instead here is a little present for you, Nita. ilu. ♥♥

Title: Tabibito
Rating: G
Wordcount: 760
Notes: I started this a while ago, on a beach, and only managed to put the finishing touches on it for a certain occasion. Happy birthday, Nita. ♥

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