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Sooo I wrote this like a month and a half ago and never got around to crossposting. Oops...?

Characters/Pairing: Patrice Evra, Park Ji-Sung, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes, Owen Hargreaves, Sir Alex Ferguson, Fernando Morientes, Mathieu Flamini, assorted others (gen)
Word count: 9500
Rating: PG
Notes: In the same universe as Quedarse. Originally for [ profile] dreamofthem, for [ profile] valentinesplay.

Summary: What begins as exile doesn't have to remain that way.

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I'm completely late on the [ profile] je_holiday bandwagon, but I was responsible for All Around, aka the Love Actually AU. Featuring, most notably, Prime Minister Akanishi Jin (I know), but also plenty of others - I'm told by at least one person that all the Arashi made her decide it wasn't me. XD;; Hopefully it turned out all right despite my experimentation. Despite the eagle eyes of kind proofreaders a few typos managed to slip their way in, so here's the edited version.

All Around

or, JE Does Love Actually
14,202 words

Jin/Kame, Jun/Aiba, Subaru/Yasu, other pairings mentioned or implied; plus Takki and Tsubasa, Yamapi and the rest of NEWS, and Arashi in general.

Notes: With apologies to Richard Curtis and company. Deepest thanks to Koizumi Kyoko ([ profile] mananeh), Oguri Shun ([ profile] spurious), and Ayase Haruka ([ profile] winterspel) for their suggestions, proofreading help, and general cheerleading. Originally posted here for [ profile] changetje as part of [ profile] je_holiday 2009.

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For the benefit of the two people in JE fandom with nice quiet filters flists, [ profile] je_holiday signups are open again. Yes, I already signed up. I need a deadline or I'll end up going an entire year ficless, which is... bad. So you guys should, too. please (Lest you think I've forgotten about my - my fic debt, I haven't. It's going to get finished. Someday. *determined*)

'Tis the season of job applications, plus one internship that I want badly enough to take over anything that actually pays well. I have several floating out there, most of which would take me away from Alaska - this is okay for the short term, say a couple years, it's when I start thinking about the long term that I get twitchy. Thus my mature response is, as always, to do my very best to not think about it. Regardless I would be thrilled if any of these came through so cross your fingers for me if you can?

Speaking - a paragraph ago - of writing, I am feeling kind of rejuvenated in the fic sector and want to stretch my metaphorical muscles again. Maybe prompts in the near future, I'm not sure, since those usually seem to help in a strange sort of way. Or a meme. I shall have to poke around the flist. (OR I COULD FINISH THE TWELVE HUNDRED WIPS ON MY HARD DRIVE. I KNOW, ALL RIGHT.)

In the meantime a meme, because I like memes:

Inspired by Doctor Who's "Turn Left:" Pick one of my stories and tell me a point in the tale that you'd change. Something tiny (e.g. "and then Fay chose silver glitter instead of gold") or big (e.g. "and then Rose was arrested instead of Jack") and I'll tell you how that one difference would have altered the course of the entire story.
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You may recall mention here of Mt. Redoubt, a volcano about 90 miles from Anchorage that has been on the verge of erupting for almost two months. ^^; Overnight it finally did... five times. USGS spokesman says it's probably not over yet; I really, really hope he's wrong ahaha. Fortunately the winds are in our favor and there's no ash expected to fall on Anchorage yet, to the disappointment of [ profile] mananeh who was looking forward to "apocalyptic photos of ash falling". XD Some flights have been cancelled, mostly in-state, but there are a bunch of skiiers on their way up for the US Nationals who are now trapped in Seattle. And my brother's home for spring break and kind of needs to get back to school on Friday, so, uh, we hope that'll work out. On the bright site, everyone involved in the Iditarod, which happened a couple weeks ago, is very luck because there's ash falling on part of the route and I have no idea how they could possibly have managed the race. (Though that would make for a great headline: "Dog sled race cancelled because of volcanic eruption...")

Did I mention six inches of fresh snow yesterday morning? No? Good thing I didn't make the "hey, everything is melting and spring breakup is coming!" post I intended because clearly that was nothing but wishful and deluded thinking. Sob. Actually the end of March isn't so bad. It's when you get 18 inches on April 25th (see: last year) that you start really questioning your life choices to date. Like, "GOD WHY DO I LIVE HERE."

...a cheerful post so far. Quick note, I've officially signed up for [ profile] jentfic_remix so consider that extra pressure to anyone wobbling on the edge of joining. Tomorrow's the sign-up deadline! Give me more material to potentially remix. Please. :D

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There's so much I've been meaning to post about, argh, and I just can't seem to find the time or energy. A fraction of that is that:

1. This year's round of [ profile] jentfic_remix is open for sign-ups, and if you were one of the people who were dissatisfied with the original system of match-ups last year, this year the moderator has said she'll be checking everyone's fic journals to see what there is to work with plus there's the option to state preferences in the sign-up form. Am I going to sign up? Oh, probably. (Cue disbelieving laughter from everyone on the flist at this time last year.) Besides being what you might call a glutton for punishment, it's a surefire way to make sure I actually write something, and challenge fic generally turns out better than my average. XD;

2. So, um, I triumphed over the spring fare sales and seem to be going to Japan for two weeks next month. Aha. :D The plan is to head up into the central mountains, specifically around Takayama, where forecasts tell me there will still be cherry blossoms (I have never seen a cherry blossom in my life) and then down to Kansai, to see [ profile] gnine and [ profile] xparrot in Kyoto and do some hiking. :) (And then spend a couple days in Tokyo at the end not for any particular reason nothing to do with that concert nope not me. >_>) So if anyone wants to meet up and lounge around the Shima Hanto peninsula or hike one of the Kumano Kodo trails or, well, anything else, let me know. :)

3. Keep meaning to post about Vienna Teng's new album, keep changing my mind on what I think. A couple tracks in the meantime:

Antebellum (edit: link fixed)
St. Stephen's Cross

4. I understand that most of my flist does not quite appreciate that hockey is in fact the most perfect sport ever created and that Cornell hockey in particular is the pinnacle of it all but -- coming back with twenty-four seconds left in regulation to tie the conference semifinal and drive it into double overtime with the ultimate win yessssssssss yes yes yes regardless of what happens tomorrow we are going to the NCAAs. It has been TOO LONG. Happy. So happy.

5. BSG finale: ....................*whimper*
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Warning: this post is all over the place. And I haven't been keeping up with my flist or comments or anything at all -- please forgive me. D:

Things I Have Been Doing:

rl things, thinking about fic )

Things I Have Been Watching:

Doctor Who until it comes out my ears )

Things I Have Been Reading:

Diana Wynne Jones' House of Many Ways, which I quite enjoyed, as I expected to. Howl never fails to entertain. Although I really could do without the current juvenile/YA publishing trend to make moderate-length books HP-sized by manipulation of font, margins, paper quality, etc. I realized something was wrong when I was reading multiple pages a minute, and I'm a fast reader but not that fast. XD;

Several Mary Stewart novels, both new to me and rereads. This Rough Magic still takes the cake, though The Moonspinners is close and I have always been inordinately fond of Wildfire at Midnight. (I never got the huge appeal of Nine Coaches Waiting or The Ivy Tree, though. I liked them both all right but in Ivy Tree I never really warmed up to Adam and Mary was much more interesting before you found out *spoiler*, and in Nine Coaches I was very fond of Phillippe -- I always like Stewart's children/teenagers, I adored Colin in Moonspinners -- but the Gothic romance model just doesn't do it for me, I guess.)

Parhelion's Hurrah for Hollywood quartet, which I have always been inordinately fond of. Do I ever love Angelo Gerello, omg. The whole point for me of reading the quartet's final story, which I never really warmed up to, is always the final scene cameo (Angelo's "alarming version of a smile" ♥), as well as the various other references to and appearances by first-three characters. (Sid! Will! Nigel! Edwards & Schulman, my second favorites!) Has anyone else read these...?

Not entirely coincidentally, a large pile of nonfiction related to golden age Hollywood (if one wants historical background for the above quartet, William J. Mann's Behind the Screen is a good place to start), interwar Britain, Noël Coward, and Lorenz Hart. I read by chronological era, I suppose? XD;

Approximately a metric ton of Torchwood fanfiction.

Things I Will Be Watching Tomorrow:

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So I hear that [ profile] je_holiday community revealed something or other? XD I was responsible for what is in all likelihood the silliest of the lot, One Thousand and One Tokyo Nights, which is not in fact an Arabian Nights AU but just Yamapi and Jin being Very Silly. XD (Mild Pin, but nothing too alarming.) I had a lot of fun writing it -- as in, I sat down and blew off steam related to another writing project by emptying the recesses of my mind without any regard as to how ridiculous the result was. XD was fun! I also had it easy as it was for [ profile] 4_03_am and [ profile] phonestrap so I had a preeetty good idea what would go over all right. ;)

By the way, I'm never sure whether to repost challenge fic here or simply link and leave them be -- show of hands, what do you guys do?

In related news, I'm pretty sure all of [ profile] je_ficgames is up now? So, if you feel like guessing that. (eta: Polls will be shut down on Sunday, so if you want to cast a vote, do it before then!) No one did manage to get [ profile] je_holiday before the reveal, and at least one person expressed Surprise at the identity of the author being... me... which pleased me greatly, actually. :) It's nice not to be universally predictable.

People still hanging out here at least partly for fic-related reasons: a redux of that meme in which you tell authors your favorite piece of theirs is going around, and... actually I'm too lazy to link to it again. If you feel so inclined give me a heads up? :D Especially if this answer is something more recent. Just 'cause I'm curious.

Ending with a rec -- this is from Yuletide, but I don't even know if it counts as fanfiction. Theoretically the fandom is (coincidentally, haha) One Thousand and One Nights; in practice it reads as original fiction and wow did it blow me away. It's not so much the prose as, appropriately, the storytelling, but I really recommend it -- One Thousand And One And Counting.
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I'm off to visit family for a few days, but I should be in touch. I have new books and electronics and the Planet Earth DVD set to entertain me so it should be a very nice and relaxing trip. In the meantime, seeing as [ profile] je_holiday has finished posting, time for the usual guessing game for those so inclined -- tell me which fic I wrote (if you are not privy to insider information, ahem), and I'll, um, do something nice I haven't really figured out yet. (A fic snippet if you want it? I do manage to come through on those sometimes...) Obviously I can't tell you if you're right until reveals are up on the first but I can rub my hands together over any guesses until then...? :D I'm eagerly waiting for the last [ profile] je_ficgames prompt to be posted so I can throw open that one, too. (Because I'm really, really curious. You know. In case I haven't mentioned that several times already. XD)

This Christmas and this end of the year period in general have been so much better than last year. I can't tell you how much better I feel. It's not that it's been a year full of change (there's been very little change, actually, though some exciting events of course); it's all my state of mind. Which is heartening. :)

(Why have I been ending every post lately with the feeling I'm forgetting something?! *pulls at hair*)
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-- and a very happy birthday to [ profile] procreational, who is extraordinarily thoughtful and caring and generally great. ♥♥♥ Thanks for putting up with me and my oft-dodgy taste in music... ;)

Various Obligations finally completed just in time to get into the whirl of baking and shopping and mailing. Speaking of, just started on cards and things today so basically none of you will get anything before Christmas, I'm so sorry. XD They will be like nice little surprises! To keep the holiday season going! ...shh. Also, I feel sure that I missed some address collection posts while I was snowed under with work and school -- if you didn't get my address, I didn't see yours because I always sign myself up for mail. XD Point me in the right direction, please? (Likewise, if you would like mail from the Home State of Sarah Palin -- hahahaha I can see you all wincing -- shoot me an email or a screened comment here. I'll send you a caribou antler or something.)

No less than four people told me how awesome the [ profile] je_holiday fic for me was, before I had a chance to read it, and they were SO RIGHT. :D Honestly, given the numbers distribution I was expecting Pin and Gokusen 2 fic was the most pleasant of surprises! I have a Sneaking Suspicion, fed by Matchy, that the author is on my flist so if you are reading this THANK YOU. ♥♥♥ When all the fics for both that and [ profile] je_ficgames I'll do one of those guess-my-fic-and-I'll-do-something-nice-for-you, once I have a chance to think about it more.

Just took two batches of gingerbread out of the oven and my mother tasted it and said, quote, It is Nectar and Ambrosia. I'm a pretty mediocre cook but a good baker and gingerbread is a specialty. :D The family recipe, that is -- it's very dark and rich and frequently causes trouble at parties because people think it's chocolate cake and then their tastebuds are all unpleasantly shocked because they were expecting something else... To give you an idea, the other recipes I've seen (from various cookbooks, backs of molasses jars, etc.) call for anywhere from a tablespoon to half a cup of molasses; this one calls for a full cup. XD Since I have been snagging recipes from the flist right and left, thought I would share:

gingerbread )

I was going to say, if I were more organized (or had more foresight) I would have thought to document today's batch photographically, but I did double the recipe (and it got Very Messy) so maybe that wouldn't have been the best idea after all. XD;

P.S. Have a friended a few people recently and want to say, usually I don't post this often! It's been building up over a long time of LJ-lessness. XD
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It was gnawing at my little completionist heart not to have this posted/linked to from this journal, so here it is after all. (Feel free to note the identity of the remixee and be awed by my filthy lying secret-keeping abilities.

Title: Waiting
Fandom: Nobuta wo Produce
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1105
Notes: Remix of [ profile] wintersjuly's Guilt Free At Three A.M. for [ profile] jdrama_remix.

( When it's better not to give up. )
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In the tradition of the Yuletide exchange, a message for my [ profile] je_holiday writer, whoever they may be. Lovely flist, if you know who was assigned me. please feel free to direct them over here. :D

To my [ profile] je_holiday writer:

Hi there! ♥ Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing for me even though this may not have been what you were expecting when you signed up. :) (Or - or it may, in which case, awesome! XD) I meant what I said in the sign-up form -- not a single one of the things down under "I like these things in fic" have to be included if none of them work for the story you have in mind or give you good ideas or anything. What I enjoy most is... just a good story, as opposed to a collection of kinks or something like that. Please don't feel the need to try and cram anything in that doesn't fit, or even to make a pairing work if it doesn't. Like I said, gen is also totally okay! :) I mean, obviously if you do feel inspired to work in any of the things I mentioned, or the pairings, BY ALL MEANS PLEASE DO. I WILL LOVE IT. Just. Please don't feel constricted! And, omg, don't force yourself to write something you hate! D: If you are happy and/or excited writing, I will be happy reading. :)))

And if you know all this already, great. :) I think that's all I have to say on the subject. I can't wait to see you in December! ♥♥
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Title: The Lines We Travel
Pairing: Jin/Kame
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 2546
Notes: for the 24 Hour Valentine's Day Challenge. :) eta: to all the akame fans on my flist, who are kind enough to keep me around even though i talk about pin a lot. ♥

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