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it took me 18 months to write 600 words. I wish I were kidding. I will think of a title and AO3 crosspost at... some point in the future, like tomorrow. done.

twelfth man
david villa/patricia gonzález. au. (on AO3.)

'She played football until she was 17... She played as a defender. I didn’t see her play a lot, but from what she’s told me, she was good.' )
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so I wrote this like... two years ago? but could never get the final scene to my liking. then I rediscovered it a couple days ago and thought "hey, this isn't bad," and then yesterday happened (or didn't happen, as allegiances dictate). any resemblance to actual commercial organizations living or dead is of course a complete coincidence.

(Is there anyone who still prefers the livejournal layout for reading? I can crosspost if necessary, I'm just lazy these days.)

Truth in Advertising
Cristiano Ronaldo/Kaká
3345 words

One week to finalize a whole campaign pitch, the entirety of which will be centered around this sixty second television spot that is, currently, a blank document. Cris is so fucked. (AU)
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I never got around to crossposting this. Because I never responded to comments. Because I'm a bad person. But rumors of Alessandro Nesta's imminent retirement reminded me, so uh. How about that Yuletide fic? Mine was for basso's Orso e Intellettuale series (read it*), in theory, and for the Rome derby in practice. As noted afterwards, the timeline doesn't work at all (see above), but the Venn Diagram of "very familiar with football timelines" and "very familiar with basso timelines" is vanishingly small. Also, I do what I want.

*not that I condone piracy, ahem, but you can find j-scans at nihonomaru and various other internet locales. Amato Amaro is the volume you want.

andata e ritorno
1142 words

Vittorio visits Rome and expands his cultural horizons.
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it has come to my attention that I have been letting down my end on the chatfic posting front. meaning it's time for the return of...

Late Night AU Theater, part 3245721

with your hosts, [ profile] nahco3 and [ profile] acchikocchi

tonight we introduce the first installment of our landmark series, Hookers That Sleep With Professors. (stay tuned long enough and you'll catch the tennis special, starring David Ferrer and Janko Tipsarevic. OH YOU THINK I'M KIDDING.) despite the fact that this chat occurred nearly a year ago the general concept has provided HOURS OF AMUSEMENT since. it is also very long. don't say I didn't warn you.

[ profile] acchikocchi: now that my mind is on the subject
i would like to read some alvaro/raul that i did not write
[ profile] nahco3: I feel you completely
but like what if it caught on
and then in a year there would be fic
where Raul was a heroin addicted hooker
and Alvaro was a professor
you would regret it
[ profile] acchikocchi: chokes
oh my god
but i would also probably skim it out of morbid curiosity
to see just how you could DO that
[ profile] nahco3: ok if I wrote you Alvaro/Raul
maybe Raul would not have a heroin addiction
[ profile] acchikocchi: SO JUST A HOOKER THEN
he would be such a cheerful one though
actually that would be kind of hilarious


in summary:
[ profile] acchikocchi: how the hell did i end up telling a story about raul albiol as a hooker, anyway
[ profile] nahco3: um
I made up
[ profile] acchikocchi: i think this is your fault.
[ profile] nahco3: a badfic summary?
so not my fault here
[ profile] acchikocchi: i'd like to blame you anyway
are you sure it's not
it would just be convenient.
[ profile] nahco3: I am DV
ok, I called the hooker
but you are Alvaro
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Sooo I wrote this like a month and a half ago and never got around to crossposting. Oops...?

Characters/Pairing: Patrice Evra, Park Ji-Sung, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes, Owen Hargreaves, Sir Alex Ferguson, Fernando Morientes, Mathieu Flamini, assorted others (gen)
Word count: 9500
Rating: PG
Notes: In the same universe as Quedarse. Originally for [ profile] dreamofthem, for [ profile] valentinesplay.

Summary: What begins as exile doesn't have to remain that way.

( read )
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I was hoping to finish this before the year was out, but the last two hundred words just wouldn't come out right until today. I'm pretty sure there's an audience of probably about three people out there for gen second-generation futurefic, but this fic has come to mean a lot to me, and I think it's one of the better things I've written, so.

Thanks as always to [ profile] nahco3 for betaing, hand-holding, and the canon I stole from her own fic. Spoilery notes here.

Origin Stories
Zaida Villa, gen
5426 words

gonna show you what i'm made of )
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Due to timing of the new job I actually had to default on Yuletide (i.e. not because of procrastination, for a wonder XD;) which was disappointing as I loved my assignment and it would have been a nice opportunity to significantly expand my writing horizons. Since it was pretty much out of my hands, though, I felt fairly sanguine about everything until I read my gift fic, which was wonderful. [ profile] pun wrote for A Suitable Boy Any Given Dream, the Firoz post-novel coda of my heart, and I was overcome with default guilt and had to go write a Madness ficlet in the last few hours before the collection closed. ._.

Thus the following, which is extremely silly. [ profile] mimsicality gave me the original prompt following a viewing of the RM Christmas message videos and I pretty much did everything but sign my name to it -- the comments of "ALVARO" were a good indicator I was following customary patterns. XD So I'm guessing the recipient/everyone else had that figured out, but just in case, a belated Happy Boxing Day, [ profile] yeats. :)

Artistic Differences
for [ profile] yeats
implied Ronaldo/Kaka, ~900 words.

or, new year's resolutions )


Nov. 29th, 2011 08:32 pm
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Thanks for the prompts the other day, am working on them! (You can still leave one if you want, for that matter.) In the mean time, Cris/Leo that I wrote for [ profile] nahco3 for a prompt a while ago. It would probably fit somewhere along the timeline before the elopement fic if you wanted it to.


In which Cris knows how to deal with overprotective teammates )
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I need to write something. Taking this idea from a challenge [ profile] supacat did a long time ago - prompt me with characters and as much or as little else as you like and I'll (try to) write you something that is essentially a page torn out of a longer story.

(My problem with prompts is usually a fixation on providing a full setup of some sort so ideally this will get around that problem. ...I did say "ideally".)
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this was intended for [ profile] nahco3 from the beginning, but it's finally finished for a particular reason. happy birthday to my favorite writer, cheerleader, tinhat, chat buddy, Diego Maradona biographer, AU plotter, filthy enabler, polar bear tamer, and all-around partner in crime. ♥ ♥ ♥

Abort, Retry, Fail
Word Count: 16,500
Pairing: David Villa/David Silva, others implied
Rating: R
Notes: We've all read [ profile] guede_mazaka's Magverse, right? We know the idea of HBIC Luis Figo overseeing a horde of foxes Spaniards didn't originate with me, right? Okay. Just making sure.

Summary: In which FC Barcelona are a department of misfit programmers, Figo's in charge, Xavi has a lot of Ideas, Bojan might or might not be an intern, David Silva's just trying to help where he can, and David Villa is completely clueless. Romcom-style AU.

* * *

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Sooooo! Here is some more of this fic. Like five months later... yeah. Half of that delay was expected and due to RL changes; half of it was, um, not. That second half would still be going on if it weren't for the UNENDING patience of [ profile] nahco3 in listening to a pretty constant stream of moping, complaints, and pleas for help, so (as if this needs to be said), a million thanks and a polar bear. ♥

In this part: backstory, brooding, more Germans (remember them?), some actual plot developments!

Clandestine Affairs (5/?)
Word Count: (part) 12,600
Characters/Pairings: (part) Cesc Fàbregas, David Silva, David Villa, Luís Figo, Raul González, Fernando Morientes, Gonzalo Higuaín, Juan Mata, Jérôme Boateng, Michael Ballack, Philipp Lahm, Lukas Podolski (David Silva/David Villa)
Rating: R
Summary/Notes: Essentially here though I should probably write some new ones by now.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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This post is so overdue. D: There isn't really anything new here, just stuff that I never mentioned or that never found a permanent home elsewhere.

+ in the interests of completionism, I never mentioned that I wrote a ficlet for the [ profile] kizuna_exchange comm back in April. Here's Looking At You, Kid, 1000 words, Jin and Kame gen.

+ podfic! [ profile] kattunberry has recorded that first Nobuta fic, Warmth, and [ profile] adistantsun has recorded The Lines They Travel and The Sky Above, The World Beneath. (the last one in particular is STELLAR. music! effects! lovely Australian accent!) So if you are into podfic you should check those out because these people are awesome.

+ translations also, um, finally updated in the main fic index. at long last. that's to add Russian translations of Five Things That Never Happened To Hayato and Ryu and Maps by [ profile] zlobnyi_kisenok, and of The Sky Above, The World Beneath by [ profile] alexandro19. translation list should now be complete; please let me know if I've left something out. D:

+ a ficlet for your time. it's not new but it was buried in a friendslocked post before and now that the longer fic it might've gone into is long finished, no reason not to make it public.

"Stray", Gokusen 2, Hayato/Ryu-ish. 336 words.
hayato is a cat person )

+ ...I don't think I forgot anything? how is everyone from JE Land? I miss you guys. <3
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[ profile] acchikocchi: it's like Leo and Cris are eloping.
[ profile] nahco3: DO NOT GIVE ME IDEAS.

How this ended up with me writing about them getting married in a ceremony officiated by Mourinho? If ONLY I KNEW. This is essentially cleaned up commentfic so, uh, maybe don't expect a lot of deep character analysis here. Other than how this is of course symbolic of how I would like all the Clasico drama to be cleared up.

Nice Day (For A White Wedding)
Pairing: Leo Messi/Cristiano Ronaldo; others heavily implied. Appearances by the majority of Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Word Count: 7800
Rating: PG
Notes: Crack. Utter crack. Humor at the expense of everyone involved. Edited for rampant italics and other problems by [ profile] nahco3, which is only fair since it's her fault. Title after the song, natch.

Summary: Leo's the one eloping with Cristiano Ronaldo, so why is it up to Cesc to make sure nothing goes wrong? And what kind of elopement has an afterparty, anyway?

it's a nice day to start again )
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(Sorry for letting posts go uncommented or comments unanswered over the last few days, this is the reason why. Was determined to get it off my back by the first of the month, which I didn't quite manage, but close enough!)

So this is a) how I Stockholm Syndrome'd myself into shipping this pairing (PLEASE JOIN ME) and b) the most explicit thing I have written in, like, five years, and it's not even that explicit. Or as I call it, "look, I wrote something that isn't about David Silva!"

........though he's in it. like you were expecting anything else.

Acknowledgements (lol): This fic owes its entire existence to the encouragement and enthusiastic co-shipping of [ profile] nahco3, who then also edited like a champion. The check-ins for [ profile] distira's WIP amnesty challenge helped it along past several hurdles, even though -- obviously -- I didn't exactly finish it within the parameters of the challenge. Subtitle after, yes, the Moldy Peaches song. It fit.

The Nature of Humanity and Badass Spaceships (Anyone Else But You)
Pairing: Raúl Albiol/Álvaro Arbeloa (past Raúl Albiol/David Silva)
Word Count: 11,300
Rating: somewhere between R and NC-17
Notes: Set during the 2010-2011 season. Any mistakes are my own.

The thing was, Álvaro had kind of made a point of never sleeping with teammates, just to be on the safe side — he'd seen that go wrong and it wasn't pretty. But Raúl was different: he was Álvaro's friend first.  )


Jun. 7th, 2011 01:08 am
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[ profile] nahco3 posted hers, so I'm doing the same. :) background information: this is based off a brainstorming session inspired by the universe of [ profile] meretricula's fabulous soulbonding fic the best luck I had was you. the angsty Raul/Mori backstory scenario is outlined here and here in particular.

as for this ficlet, the game in question was played 23 March 2008 and went pretty much as described here. the television footage tragically didn't focus on the right players after the match, but fortunately right-minded internet people were on hand with cameras.

and [ profile] nahco3's DV/DS ficlet that she wrote for meeeee is here. :D

Raul/Mori, 850 words. other pairings predictably implied.

the remains of the day )
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So it's only been two and a half months, no big deal... Sorry. :( Anyway, this brings it up to a solid 47k overall, i.e. officially the longest thing I have ever written in my life. I think this is probably the halfway point? Probably. (oh god.) Anyway, a big, big thank you to [ profile] winterspel for a steady stream of RL encouragement and discussion.

In this part: car chases, inter-agency conflict, feelings(tm), a surprise.

Clandestine Affairs (4/?)
Word Count (part): 9,800
Characters/Pairing (part): Cesc Fàbregas, David Villa, David Silva, Luís Figo, Wesley Sneijder, Gonzalo Higuaín, Fernando Morientes, Raúl González, Rubén de la Red (David Silva/David Villa)
Rating: R
Summary/Notes: Still here.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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