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There's so much I've been meaning to post about, argh, and I just can't seem to find the time or energy. A fraction of that is that:

1. This year's round of [ profile] jentfic_remix is open for sign-ups, and if you were one of the people who were dissatisfied with the original system of match-ups last year, this year the moderator has said she'll be checking everyone's fic journals to see what there is to work with plus there's the option to state preferences in the sign-up form. Am I going to sign up? Oh, probably. (Cue disbelieving laughter from everyone on the flist at this time last year.) Besides being what you might call a glutton for punishment, it's a surefire way to make sure I actually write something, and challenge fic generally turns out better than my average. XD;

2. So, um, I triumphed over the spring fare sales and seem to be going to Japan for two weeks next month. Aha. :D The plan is to head up into the central mountains, specifically around Takayama, where forecasts tell me there will still be cherry blossoms (I have never seen a cherry blossom in my life) and then down to Kansai, to see [ profile] gnine and [ profile] xparrot in Kyoto and do some hiking. :) (And then spend a couple days in Tokyo at the end not for any particular reason nothing to do with that concert nope not me. >_>) So if anyone wants to meet up and lounge around the Shima Hanto peninsula or hike one of the Kumano Kodo trails or, well, anything else, let me know. :)

3. Keep meaning to post about Vienna Teng's new album, keep changing my mind on what I think. A couple tracks in the meantime:

Antebellum (edit: link fixed)
St. Stephen's Cross

4. I understand that most of my flist does not quite appreciate that hockey is in fact the most perfect sport ever created and that Cornell hockey in particular is the pinnacle of it all but -- coming back with twenty-four seconds left in regulation to tie the conference semifinal and drive it into double overtime with the ultimate win yessssssssss yes yes yes regardless of what happens tomorrow we are going to the NCAAs. It has been TOO LONG. Happy. So happy.

5. BSG finale: ....................*whimper*
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Warning: this post is all over the place. And I haven't been keeping up with my flist or comments or anything at all -- please forgive me. D:

Things I Have Been Doing:

rl things, thinking about fic )

Things I Have Been Watching:

Doctor Who until it comes out my ears )

Things I Have Been Reading:

Diana Wynne Jones' House of Many Ways, which I quite enjoyed, as I expected to. Howl never fails to entertain. Although I really could do without the current juvenile/YA publishing trend to make moderate-length books HP-sized by manipulation of font, margins, paper quality, etc. I realized something was wrong when I was reading multiple pages a minute, and I'm a fast reader but not that fast. XD;

Several Mary Stewart novels, both new to me and rereads. This Rough Magic still takes the cake, though The Moonspinners is close and I have always been inordinately fond of Wildfire at Midnight. (I never got the huge appeal of Nine Coaches Waiting or The Ivy Tree, though. I liked them both all right but in Ivy Tree I never really warmed up to Adam and Mary was much more interesting before you found out *spoiler*, and in Nine Coaches I was very fond of Phillippe -- I always like Stewart's children/teenagers, I adored Colin in Moonspinners -- but the Gothic romance model just doesn't do it for me, I guess.)

Parhelion's Hurrah for Hollywood quartet, which I have always been inordinately fond of. Do I ever love Angelo Gerello, omg. The whole point for me of reading the quartet's final story, which I never really warmed up to, is always the final scene cameo (Angelo's "alarming version of a smile" ♥), as well as the various other references to and appearances by first-three characters. (Sid! Will! Nigel! Edwards & Schulman, my second favorites!) Has anyone else read these...?

Not entirely coincidentally, a large pile of nonfiction related to golden age Hollywood (if one wants historical background for the above quartet, William J. Mann's Behind the Screen is a good place to start), interwar Britain, Noël Coward, and Lorenz Hart. I read by chronological era, I suppose? XD;

Approximately a metric ton of Torchwood fanfiction.

Things I Will Be Watching Tomorrow:


two b's

Dec. 13th, 2008 01:04 am
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Finals are over yet mysteriously I am not actually less busy, for Reasons That Shall Remain Unnamed for another couple weeks. I tend to use a reward system to motivate myself to study/work/complete various other obligations and the last couple weeks the reward has been rewatching Battlestar Galactica, or at least my favorite parts (i.e. not so much with the prophecies and cylon baseships and eyes of jupiter). Observations:
- They're auctioning off pretty much every single piece of the props and set in January, coinciding with the premiere of season 4.5. While I am not nearly crazy enough to pay the prices these are expected to command, I kind of like the idea of having, you know, a Viper in my basement. (Or having Kara Thrace's dog tags, because Special Destiny aside, my attitude towards Starbuck is nothing less than starry-eyed hero worship.)
- Song I most want to see a BSG vid to: Lo Fidelity Allstars' "Battleflag". Oh please. Oh please oh please.
- Felix Gaeta = Percy Weasley?? (either way, Felix Gaeta = ♥_♥ Why yes, I have been wriggling in anticipation of the webisodes, why do you ask...)

The other thing that's been consuming my minimal free time:

- News of the Blur reunion has caused my thus far fairly dormant and musically-confined interest to supernova. (Considering I got into their music in high school it's a miracle I was as clueless about the interpersonal drama as I was, because I would have eaten it up -- that would have been during the period of, ahaha, intense friction, and of course I heard all about Graham Coxon leaving but otherwise I really didn't pay much attention to... any of the members... I mean I didn't even know Damon Albarn was part of Gorillaz until a couple years ago. ^^; [ profile] wintersjuly was treated to the, ah, unique pleasure of receiving emails detailing my fascinating discoveries roughly every 15 minutes.) Reading up on everything that's been occuring has been great; I said to someone it's just like watching a giant real-time roleplay of the standard JE/bandom/popslash reunion fix-it fic. Glorious. XD
- I was going to say, to be clear about why this is so appealing, just like the fic I wrote only in Britpop instead of JE, but upon further reflection that isn't quite true; the equivalent of TAY*J would be more along the lines of if Graham Coxon returned to form a special unit with, oh, Noel Gallagher. ...when you put it that way the feelings of certain people towards the tay*j fic are completely and totally understandable to me. (The analogy has its flaws but work surprisingly well when you take into account the -- the aesthetic differences at hand. So to speak. XD)
- Further proof that bassists are always the coolest: Alex James also has a degree in astrophysics and was the "Artist in Residence" of Oxford's astronomy department ahahahaha. I think I'm in love.

This has also reminded me of an old webcomic I used to read called Nova Next Exit. (The connection is that one of the characters was based on Graham Coxon... of course.) Sadly, it looks like it's long since disappeared -- anyone else remember it? Anyone else have it saved if I wanted to reread it, or know anyone who has


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