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This post is so overdue. D: There isn't really anything new here, just stuff that I never mentioned or that never found a permanent home elsewhere.

+ in the interests of completionism, I never mentioned that I wrote a ficlet for the [ profile] kizuna_exchange comm back in April. Here's Looking At You, Kid, 1000 words, Jin and Kame gen.

+ podfic! [ profile] kattunberry has recorded that first Nobuta fic, Warmth, and [ profile] adistantsun has recorded The Lines They Travel and The Sky Above, The World Beneath. (the last one in particular is STELLAR. music! effects! lovely Australian accent!) So if you are into podfic you should check those out because these people are awesome.

+ translations also, um, finally updated in the main fic index. at long last. that's to add Russian translations of Five Things That Never Happened To Hayato and Ryu and Maps by [ profile] zlobnyi_kisenok, and of The Sky Above, The World Beneath by [ profile] alexandro19. translation list should now be complete; please let me know if I've left something out. D:

+ a ficlet for your time. it's not new but it was buried in a friendslocked post before and now that the longer fic it might've gone into is long finished, no reason not to make it public.

"Stray", Gokusen 2, Hayato/Ryu-ish. 336 words.
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+ ...I don't think I forgot anything? how is everyone from JE Land? I miss you guys. <3
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I am in a terrible mood due to Circumstances Beyond My Control and intend to distract myself by writing - preferably things I have no other obligation to write. Ha.

In other words, drabble prompts, please, if you feel so inclined. :) Any fandom I'm familiar with welcome, whether or not I've written it before. Quality not guaranteed but likelihood of completion higher than usual.

akame, pre-schism
football, hogwarts au
football, spanish nt stuck in an airport
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coming soon

[ profile] kizuna_exchange

Spread the word...
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I'm completely late on the [ profile] je_holiday bandwagon, but I was responsible for All Around, aka the Love Actually AU. Featuring, most notably, Prime Minister Akanishi Jin (I know), but also plenty of others - I'm told by at least one person that all the Arashi made her decide it wasn't me. XD;; Hopefully it turned out all right despite my experimentation. Despite the eagle eyes of kind proofreaders a few typos managed to slip their way in, so here's the edited version.

All Around

or, JE Does Love Actually
14,202 words

Jin/Kame, Jun/Aiba, Subaru/Yasu, other pairings mentioned or implied; plus Takki and Tsubasa, Yamapi and the rest of NEWS, and Arashi in general.

Notes: With apologies to Richard Curtis and company. Deepest thanks to Koizumi Kyoko ([ profile] mananeh), Oguri Shun ([ profile] spurious), and Ayase Haruka ([ profile] winterspel) for their suggestions, proofreading help, and general cheerleading. Originally posted here for [ profile] changetje as part of [ profile] je_holiday 2009.

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The Sky Above, The World Beneath

11,902 words

Originally for [ profile] je_ficgames. The deepest of thanks to [ profile] winterspel for all her patience and help, always.

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(Sorry if this shows up on your flist twice, I'm having date problems. :o)

As this prompt is longer than some other fic I've posted, it gets a proper fic post. *g* I disclaim all responsibility for dental problems induced by the dangerous amounts of sugar contained herein: consider yourself warned.

Title: Morning, Noon, and Night
Pairing: Jin/Kame
Wordcount: 823
Notes: One month after Jin and Kame move in together sometime after this fic, as requested by [ profile] maya_morning. :) (Translated into Russian here, courtesy of the lovely & charming [ profile] jana_nox!)

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Everyone was born in April, omg. Happy birthday to [ profile] mousapelli and [ profile] autumnjaide - only half an hour late in my time zone, ahaha! - both of whom I am very fond. :)

Technically this is a couple hours late, but it still feels like the 19th. Anyway. I'm sure none of you expected me not to mention that a year ago Jin returned to Japan. :) Looking back, I feel kind of gypped since after going through his actual hiatus announcement and the next six months, when the news finally broke that he was coming back I was right in the middle of slipping out of JE fandom for several months of my own. On the other hand -- if Jin hadn't come back, I probably wouldn't have gotten back into fandom several months later as a recovery method and there are so many wonderful people I wouldn't have met, or gotten closer to, and so many opportunities to actually try and better my writing that I never would have gotten. This fandom's done a lot for me, and I'm grateful for it. ♥

Anyways, I am halfway through the timestamp meme, which I feel merits a post... XD Also I started working on the Gokusen fic again, so after this all bets are off. But hopefully I'll manage to knock out more within the next week anyway. :D So here are the first four:

jin in hawaii, several months before the events of tay*j.
on 'hiatus' )

hayato and company, the day after part two of five things that never happened to hayato and ryu.
absent again )

akame, one month after the end of the lines we travel.
saturday, march 14, 2009 )

akame, one month after they move in together after low key.
long enough for its own post...
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Title: The Lines We Travel
Pairing: Jin/Kame
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 2546
Notes: for the 24 Hour Valentine's Day Challenge. :) eta: to all the akame fans on my flist, who are kind enough to keep me around even though i talk about pin a lot. ♥

a timeline )
acchikocchi: (Default) know, I don't think I posted this much back before I took that break. *g*

Give me the names of two characters and I will tell you why character A loves character B. I might answer with a drabble, a quick bit of meta, or a list, just to make things that tiny bit more OMGSOEXCITING!

Any fandom, any characters/people, any pairing. That, you know, I have some minor degree of familiarity with. XD

who am I kidding, they're all going to be drabbles. *tool*

edit for results:

shuuji and akira
yamapi and jin
kame and jin
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More cardfic! [ profile] mananeh asked for something with happy Kame (...debatable whether this would count, ahem) and [ profile] riccichan asked for Akame smut so I cheated and made them part of the same continuity. Now you both can see the other half. *g* And of course, I'm so happy you liked them. ♥

Japan - Jin/Kame, PG, 480 words )

Los Angeles - still Jin/Kame, NC-17-ish, 489 words )
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Well, I have safely arrived back at school despite a truly horrific time getting there, and soon I will catch up on comments and the f-list and everything - the past couple days have been pretty crazy. XD In the meantime, here is another Christmas card ficlet! This one went to [ profile] angelacaduca - technically it's a little follow up to Professional Jealousy, but there's only the briefest reference to it so this one should be readable regardless. :D And yeah, I liked this one, too - Jin is dumb and Kame is emotionally stunted, as someone else put it. It was fun. :D

edit: Now with a Russian translation by [ profile] jana_nox!

Jin/Kame, PG, 920 words )
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Title: Professional Jealousy
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/Akanishi Jin, hints of Akanishi Jin/Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: choppiness, crack
Disclaimer: TAY*J is the brainchild of [ profile] darkeyedwolf. XD
Notes: Unlocked and slightly edited version. Still for [ profile] darkeyedwolf and [ profile] corimari.

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