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Hello Yuletide writer! I am so sorry about my abbreviated sign ups; I was rushing like crazy to get the thing in before deadline. Of course if you'd rather go with less than more, go for it! I am way over in the Optional Details Are Optional camp and would always prefer a writer to feel excited rather than forced. :)

Last year's letter, which gives an idea of my general preferences, is here. Any questions you need answered can be directed at [ profile] nahco3. More specifically:

Y tu mamá también

Tenoch Iturbide; Julio Zapata

Two words: fix-it fic.

Like everyone else, ever, the ending kills me. I am dying for some resolution set some time after the final scene, preferably with, er, a happy ending. But with such a small canon, any further exploration is welcome, and missing scenes from the film -- or, hey, backstory, I don't think I've ever read any of that! -- would also be great to read. Including Luisa, of course, if it fits your story. :)

Gymnastics RPF

McKayla Maroney

Okay, my secret desire is actually for McKayla/Kyla. But I know Kyla is not technically on the character list, so... basically any McKayla pairing is okay with me, actually. Or if you got here via "any", I would be thrilled to read some Jordyn/Aly, too. Or Gabby! Or all of the above!

I had this one marked down for Yuletide about two seconds into Olympic competition. Basically, I love that despite McKayla's Ice Queen face she spends multiple fluff segments talking about how magical it was meeting Kyla and how amazing it is to be at the Olympics with her, so I'm into that. But since Kyla didn't make it past nominations (my own fault!) that's even more optional than usual. I am happy to go any direction with McKayla. Plus, as indicated above, I love some good rival slash, so Jordyn/Aly would be equally great, and like everyone else ever I also just pretty much love Gabby Douglas, period. So... go where your enthusiasm takes you!

Tennis RPF

Andy Roddick; Mardy Fish

It is a mystery to me how there is not more of this pairing. I would be equally excited to read the classic post-retirement limbo/adjustment/feelings realization fic, or awkward teenager fic, or Mardy struggling to keep on playing fic. Or if you're not into slash, post-retirement bff fic is awesome, too.

I actually don't think there's much more to say here -- as this entire sign up demonstrates fairly comprehensively, aha, I'm a sucker for best friends whose relationships become... complicated. And there is so much material here no one is taking advantage of! (Living together as teenagers?? Come onnnn.) While Andy's retirement does open up some greeeeat fic possibilities, I'm not kidding when I say I would be thrilled to read any take on this pairing. Or, again, a gen take on their friendship and any of the various obstacles they've had to deal with (Mardy's health problems?), or the tensions that must arise when two best friends are competing for the same things... Bonus points for Andy and Serena Williams being best bros.

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