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soccerslash (rpf)

abort, retry, fail (david villa/david silva, romcom AU, 16,500 words)

nice day (for a white wedding) (leo messi/cristiano ronaldo, others, crack, 7800 words)

the nature of humanity and badass spaceships (anyone else but you) (raúl albiol/álvaro arbeloa, past raúl albiol/david silva, 11,300 words)

the remains of the day (raúl gonzález/fernando morientes, 850 words)

five things that never happened to fernando morientes (fernando morientes/raúl gonzález, fernando morientes/david villa, 2900 words)

quedarse (raúl gonzález/fernando morientes, 10,800 words, for [ profile] cornerflag #7)

clandestine affairs 1 2 3 4 5 (cesc fàbregas, david silva/david villa, many others, spy AU, WIP, 60k+)

fernando torres and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad season (fernando torres, gen, 788 words)

cuento (uruguay nt, gen, 2500 words, for yuletide 2010)

meiro (blind alley) (nakamura shunsuke and nakata hidetoshi, gen, 1063 words, for [ profile] cornerflag #6)

dry season (david silva, gen, implied villa/silva, 5675 words)

untitled temeraire fusion (david villa and david silva, 755 words)

villa the veela
spanish nt stuck in an airport

johnny's entertainment (rpf)

here's looking at you, kid (jin and kame gen, 1000 words, mod giftfic for [ profile] kizuna_exchange)

all around (jin/kame, jun/aiba, others, 14,202 words, for [ profile] je_holiday)

convalescence (jin&yamapi gen, 925 words)

the sky above, the world beneath (jin/kame, 11,902 words, for [ profile] je_ficgames)
russian translation by [ profile] alexandro19: 1 2

one thousand and one tokyo nights (jin/yamapi, 3228 words, for [ profile] je_holiday)
russian translation by [ profile] jana_nox

morning, noon, and night (jin/kame, 823 words, follow-up to low key)
russian translation by the lovely [ profile] jana_nox

can't go home again (jin/various, 2907 words, remix of pinky and perky)

the lines we travel (kame/jin, 2546 words)
podfic by [ profile] adistantsun

news christmas photoshoot ficlets
the one where there are carrots (news gen, 577 words)
city of angels (koyama/shige, 286 words, PG)

checks and balances (jin and yamapi, 589 words)
russian translation by [ profile] jana_nox

rivers in egypt (jin/yamapi, 382 words)

no strings attached (koyama/shige, 717 words, AU in [ profile] araanaz9's [ profile] threadverse)

untitled kame/rufus wainwright (1051 words)

the TAY*J continuity
→marquee (jin/yamapi, 41,790 words, explicit)
one | two | three | four | five
untitled TAY*J porn (jin/yamapi, 519 words, explicit)
untitled pin + ryo snippet (jin/yamapi, 486 words)

low key (kame/jin, 921 words, follow-up to professional jealousy)
russian translation by [ profile] jana_nox

untitled akame ficlet set
japan (kame/jin, 479 words)
los angeles (kame/jin 489 words, explicit)

in the present (jin/yamapi, 486 words)

natural habitat (ryo/aiba, 747 words, explicit)
italian translation

professional jealousy (kame/jin, 1445 words)

up against the ropes (jin/yamapi, 5003 words, explicit)

memes and drabbles
yamapi infiltrates a bakery
yamapi and jin prepare for a road trip
jin/yamapi (russian translation by [ profile] jana_nox)
crack AU aiba/jun
pin + ryo moving in antics
au meme
timestamp meme


maps (no matter the road) (hayato/ryu, 8736 words)
russian translation by [ profile] zlobnyi_kisenok

five things that never happened to hayato and ryu (hayato/ryu, 3662 words, explicit)
russian translation by [ profile] zlobnyi_kisenok

routine (hayato/ryu, 442 words)

stray (hayato/ryu-ish, 336 words)

timestamp meme

nobuta wo produce

waiting (shuuji and akira, 1105 words, remix of [ profile] wintersjuly's guilt free at 3 A.M.)

tabibito (shuuji and akira, 760 words)

warmth (akira/shuuji, 1016 words)
podfic by [ profile] kattunberry

untitled akira/shuuji

tatta hitotsu no koi

winterlong (hiroto/nao, 1794 words)
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